October 1960

Honours for Dundee Lads?

City SquareBobby Cox is odds on for left-back, if he is fit. Let's hope he will be. Ronnie Yeats and Ian Ure first and second favourite for centre-half. Alan Gilzean has a good chance of making at least the reserve team as an inside-left.That's how things are shaping 48 hours before Scotland's selectors meet to choose the team to play Ireland at Hampden on November 9.

Winston Turnbull

Regardless of fashion,
For pure femininity in Hairstyling
That curl or wave is essential for the modern woman
Make an appointment now at the small hairdressers
With the big reputation
Winston Turnbull
Ladies and Gents' Hairdresser
15, Ogilvie Street, Dundee.

Riverside Pavilion

The £7200 pavilion just past the Magdalen Green railway bridge should by ready before the end of the year. It will provide stripping accommodation, showers, &c., for football teams playing on the Riverside Park pitches.

The Beano

Free to every boy and girl
The Clickitty Clicker
In every copy of the Beano
The famous comic paper.
On sale next Thursday.

A.B.C. Dundee

Book now for
That magnificent show
In Todd-ao!
Cole Porter's
Can-Can (U)
Starring Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Maurice Chevalier and Lois Jourdan
All seats may be booked in advance
Booking office open daily 10 a.m to 8 p.m.
A.B.C. Dundee Phone 26865.

Anti-Cold Capsules for 30 Workers

Thirty of the 500 workers employed in Dundee and Carnoustie by W.G. Grant & Co., jute textile manufacturers, hope to avoid colds this winter - and all because they agreed to become "guinea pigs"

The"guinea pigs" have already been issued with there "beat-the-cold" medicine - guaranteed to last for three months. This winter-blessing comes in the form of six anti-cold capsules with the impressive title of esobactulin oral vaccine. There are three orange and three green capsules in a tube.

One green one is taken each day for three days; an orange one is taken on the fourth day, and the remaining two orange ones are taken on the fifth day.

"For two or three days afterwards you will have a minor cold" says Miss Jan Dryburgh, personnel officer at W.G. Grant's. "I'm one of the"guinea pigs", and my nose has been running for the past few days. But it is clearing up now. It's just the after effects of the capsules, but you really feel alright."

"The capsules were issued to a few of our employees as a try-out. It all depends on the results we get whether or not we'll issue them generally next year. They cost about 7s a tube from chemists"

Trad Club

101, Broughty Ferry Road
Also Jazz Cellar Coffee Bar
Sunday 7.30 - 10.30 The Old Bank Seven
Admission: Guests 2/6 Members: 2/-.
* * * * * *
Tuesday 8 - 10.15 - Special reduced admission
The Old Bank Seven
Plus Dave Fimister (Trumpet), Andy Tully (Clarinet) and Harry Morrison (Drums)
Admission 1/-.

Big Choice for Sport Lovers

About 250 sports conscious Dundonians visited Ward Road Gymnasium on Wednesday night to hear about the sporting facilities the city has to offer.

Officials from four independent clubs and from the Corporation were in attendance to encourage new members to take an interest in subject ranging from dry skiing to golf and rugger to rambling. Classes include golf, basketball, rugger, soccer, table tennis, and even dry skiing as well as the ordinary keep fit classes. Professional coaches are in attendance at all corporation classes.

Dennis's Disc

Dundee tenor Dennis Clancy's first record will be in the shops on October 15. It's called "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" - words and music by Hector Nicol - and according to Dennis it goes like a bomb.

Certainly the Waverley recording folk are giving it the big build-up - with glossy jacket showing the tenor complete with Highland sheepdog and write-up on the back. Maybe the handsome Clancy won't know himself by the time the record starts going its rounds. He's working on his own slim-line. In five months of no chocs-or-sweets and lunch only on alternate days, he has dropped a couple of stones to 13-11, cut his trouser statistic from 38 to 33 and had to have his latest 19-guinea suit "completely dismantled".

It all makes life sound pretty Spartan for the singer who is a non-smoker, non-drinker even of tea or coffee. But this is the latest Clancy self-assessment: "I feel on top of the world".

Bright Tips

Easy Cleaned Pot - To make the scrambled egg pan easier to clean, grease it beforehand with a margarine paper. After use, fill it with cold water to which has been added a dessertspoonful of salt and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before cleaning. Mrs M.B., Dundee.

Milk Won't Boil Over - Grease the upper inside edge of a pan well with butter and milk or anything of the kind will not boil over. Mrs Waugh, Lockerbie.