May 1961

Super Canteen

Canteen users on the Industrial Estate should have better facilities soon. The new canteen building beside N.C.R. Block 4 should be ready in about 1 month.

It has a light and bright cafeteria seating 420, a restaurant for 160, and a management room seating 30, which will be used mainly by senior executive.The new building will also be used in the evening and week-ends by some of the thriving badminton clubs in the estate and it will be very handy for Christmas parties.

The estate offices are also incorporated in the building. Ornamental gardens will be laid out between the canteen and the Kingsway.

The old canteen was started soon after the war in a converted factory in Dunsinane Avenue. It is extensively used by people who work on the estate.

The Lonely Shop

All the shops for demolition in the Overgate west of Lindsay Street (phase one of the redevelopment scheme) are now closed…all, that is, except one. And trade there is even better than ever.

Sutherland the drapers have occupied the premises at 149, Overgate for 28 year now. But the final curtain for the old shop comes on May 28. Mr Sutherland refused to move when the corporation wanted him to, and he's entitled to remain there until his lease runs expires in four weeks' time.

But what is it like being alone in a ghost shopping area?

Says Mr Sutherland - "I think I was wise to stay where I am. Trade just now is very good. Contrary to expectations, we haven't gone dead. Mr Sutherland has another two shops in the city - one in the Hilltown and the other in Hawkhill.


Bonnybank Road
Mon. Tue. Wed
Three days only
Ingmar Bergman's
"The Seventh Seal" (x)
with Max von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand.
Selected support,

Dances, Whist Drives

Rock 'n' Roll
To Satan and the Hellcats,
Markinch Town Hall, Fife,
Saturday First 8-11.15 p.m.
Admission 3s.
Last train for Dundee 12.27.

Bright Tips

Wonderful Flavour - Add a teaspoonful of sugar to a pot of broth to bring out the flavour of the vegetables. Mess Rizza, Cullen.

Stuck Stopper - When the stopper of a nail varnish bottle refuses to unscrew, dip it in hot water for a minute of two. Mrs Scott, Melrose.

Topping - When putting a sponge topping on stewed fruit, always have the fruit very hot and the sponge will not go soggy. J.Smith, Laurencekirk.

Cheese and Potato Hotpot

A satisfying dish for dinner or supper, Mrs Davidson, Inverurie.
Ingredients are:- 1lb potatoes, 2 small onions, 5oz grated cheese, pepper, salt and a little mustard, 1 pint stock or milk and 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs.

Peel and slice the potatoes thinly. Chop the onion and grate the cheese. Put a layer of potato on the bottom of a pie dish, sprinkle with onion pepper, salt and cheese. Continue with alternate layers until the dish is full.

Mix a little mustard with the stock or milk and pour over the contents of the pie dish. Mix the breadcrumbs with the remainder of the cheese and sprinkle over the top of hot-pot, cover with greaseproof paper and bake for 1 ½ hours or until the potatoes are cooked and golden brown on top.

DUFC Stalwart

Dundee United's Tommy Neilson was a stalwart in his club's promotion fight and has proved his ability with an unbroken run in the stress of the first season after promotion.

He has actually played 64 successive games. He appeared in the last 23 in 1959-1960 with 41 in the campaign just ended.

West End Palais

Saturday Night Dancing
For Young People
Dave Matheson and his Band
(Direct from Kidd's Rooms)
No admission after 9.

Burnett's Bakery

"The best people for morning rolls"
Daily delivery to your door
Fintry - Douglas - St Mary's - Buttar's Loan.