August 1960

We're Going to Be Counted

Bank StreetNext April there will be a general census all over the country, and already plans are being made for it in Dundee.

The registrars will be responsible for the arrangements and they can't simply pull out the file for 1951 and work from that. They have to split Dundee into small districts, with about 200 households in each, and there has been such a move to the housing schemes in the last ten years that most of the "splitting" work will have to be done again.

All four Dundee registrars have coloured maps of the city at their side, and directories, and must make sure that the new districts don't overlap ward boundaries.

A schedule must be filled in by every household in the city, giving such details as number in the house, with age, occupation &c.

About 300 enumerators will be needed to hand out the schedules and collect them all again, answering queries on how to fill them up. The registrars are not actually "signing on" enumerators yet, but they are not likely to have difficulty in getting "recruits". Most of these who did it ten years ago are willing to tackle the job again.

They will be allowed about ten days to collect all the schedules, and then the registrars will have lots of late work arranging the information. In 1951 the estimated population of Dundee was 181,800.

It's Overtime in Kirkton High

Tradesmen are working overtime to finish the largest school built in Scotland sine the war, Kirkton High, Dundee - before the schools start again on August 23.

The junior secondary block was completed in February and 170 pupils started then. There will probably be about 500 pupils at the beginning of this term, and they will use all blocks in the building. The numbers will gradually be raised to about 1400 pupils, taking senior secondary and modified courses.

The accommodation includes 35 classrooms, nine science laboratories, nine technical rooms, two large gym halls, a swimming pool, an assembly hall, dining room, library, society rooms and administrative rooms.

The 20-acre recreation field will provide facilities for football, rugby, hockey and tennis. Kirkton High may not have its official opening until the end of September. The youngsters may have their uniforms by then. A badge, a motto and colours were chosen in April.

Hall of Evolution and Man

Another spectacular historical story comes to the screen in
"Hercules Unchained"
Arouse Your Interest
And satisfy that craving for learning something of man in bygone days by seeing the
"Hall of Evolution and Man"
Now on display at
Dundee Museum and Art Galleries
Albert Institute, Dundee.

Will Join United

Manager Jerry Kerr's next signing will be a young defender. He will come on a month's trial. The boy, who plays centre-half or left-back, got honours as a junior. He joined an English club but became homesick. Celtic and Stirling Albion have approached him but he prefers to take a chance at Tannadice.

Banana Sponge

A delicious light sponge - Mrs MacDiarmid, Stirlingshire.
Take ¼ cupful butter, ¾ cupful castor sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cupful flour, 1 heaped teaspoonful baking powder and 2 bananas.
Cream the butter and sugar, add egg yolks and beat well, then the flour, baking powder and mashed bananas. Lastly fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Bake in two sandwich tins in hot oven for 20 minutes. When cold put together with whipped cream and dust the top with icing sugar.


There are vacancies for young men and women who are willing and capable of learning a highly-skilled trade. Apply to:-
Royal Air Force,
Careers Information Centre,
44 Kings Road, Dundee.
Telephone Dundee 24091.

British Association of the Hard of Hearing
It is proposed to form a club for the
Hard of Hearing in Dundee
And a meeting will be held on
Friday, September 2, 1960,
At 7.30 p.m. in the
Queen's Hotel, Dundee
Mr Alan G.Gibb, D.L.O, F.R.C.S., will preside
All hard of hearing and those interested in their welfare are invited.

Bright Tips
Did you know that......
A dash of granulated sugar added to soups and stews, gravies and pot roasts improves not only the flavour but the colour too.

That a sprinkle of sugar in the fat used to baste poultry turns it's a lovely golden brown.

That to get golden brown crust on bread and rolls, they should be brushed just before  baking with a mixture of milk and sugar - quarter cupful of milk to one tablespoon of sugar.

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ABC Dundee
Comm. Mon., Aug. 15 - For One Week
Never before on the screen
See the mammoth war of the chariots!
Hercules Unchained
Steve Reeves as Hercules
Showing at 2.45, 5.50, and 8.50.