December 1960

More Tram Tracks to be Lifted

TramsAt the Works Committee a further contract, amounting to £110,094, was awarded to William Briggs and Sons, Ltd, for the lifting of a further two miles of tram track. The sections involved are in Blackness Road, between Glenagnes Road and Glamis Road; and Strathmartine Road, between Clepington Road and Balgowan Avenue.

A New Block for N.C.R.

No traffic will be able to use Dunsinane Avenue, in the Industrial estate for the first three months of the New Year. Workmen will have the road up while a tunnel to the N.C.R's new Block 5 factory is being built. The tunnel will link the new factory with the firm's Block 4 premises, and will provide an additional 185,650 square feet of floor space. It will accommodate 500 people. Already 400 have been taken on to staff the new department, need to meet normal increases in production.

The N.C.R. will rent the building from the Industrial Estates Management Corporation for Scotland, who are in charge of the work. Building started last April and is expected to be completed in autumn next year.


The 1961 Trick
I have noticed that the figures 1961 read the same upside down.
Does this mean a topsy-turvy year for us?
I believe this has happened only 20 times since the year 1 A.D., the last occasion being 1881 and the one before in 1691. None of us will see it recur. Next time will be 6009. - Taysider

Repertory Theatre

Nicoll Street, Dundee
Now Showing
Christmas Pantomime.
"The Heartless Princess"
By Franklin Black
Nightly at 7.30.
Extra Matinees - Details from Box Office.

Christmas Post

For Christmas - post by-
Monday Dec 19th
For parcels and packets
Wednesday Dec 21st
For letters and cards

Paradise Biscuits

Quick to make and very good. Jane Carmichael, Argyll.
Your require  ½ lb block cooking chocolate (milk), 1 large or 2 small eggs, ¼ lb castor sugar,  ¼ lb fine coconut and 2 oz chopped cherries. Melt the chocolate, put in Swiss roll tin and leave to firm (few minutes). Beat the egg and sugar till light and frothy, fold in the coconut and cherries and spread on top of the chocolate, pressing down evenly with a fork. Bake in a moderate oven 25-30 minutes. When cooked cut into fingers but leave in the tin till quite cold.

Whoopee! -Thanks to Timex

On Saturday 400 old folk made "whoopee" in the Marryat Hall. The occasion was the Christmas party arranged by Mrs Sally Page and her committee of girls at the Timex Harrison Road Factory.

Johnny Victory was to have been the highlight of the programme, which followed a first-class four-course luncheon, but a telegram arrived to say the Johnny was held up in Stonehaven and couldn't be there.

The concert party, however, included many local stars and certainly filled the bill with Dennis Clancy, Doris Gilfeather, Stewart Foy, Joyce MacDonald and Ian Duncan and his band and country dance team.

Bailie Mrs Holway was presented with a cheque for £15 for the Dundee Old People's Welfare Committee and Mr Gordon Reid, manager of the Palace Theatre, also received a £5 donation for the Johnny Victory Old Folk Fund.

Before leaving each old person was given an envelope containing a 10s note, as well as a gift of sweets. Two bumper food parcels also went to the lucky ticket-holders. Many of the guests were housebound and crippled and they were conveyed by car.

In thanking the committee Bailie Mrs Holway suggested that the example set by this small band of willing workers might be followed in mills and factories throughout the city, and soon we should have all our old folk cared for.

Bright Tips

Prevent Pipes Freezing - During frosty weather, put a night-light in a saucer with a little water. Cover with an earthenware flowerpot, which will spread the heat. In the toilet or bathroom this prevents pipes freezing. Mrs Connelly, Dundee.

No Guessing this Christmas

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