December 1963

A Race Against Time

The spectacular fire which destroyed Clearex Products, Ltd’s factory on Saturday, seriously threatened the Hydro-Board’s switching station at Milton of Craigie Road.

Although the flames were held in check, soot deposits from the billowing clouds of black smoke affected the electricity lines.

The 132 Kv line for Carolina Port began to give trouble, but fortunately Hydro-Board men had raced to the station and averted danger. The line was switched off and supplies re-rooted.

The soot deposits on the line could have resulted in a “flash over” or shortening, causing a breakdown in supplies to the city.

Before the line could be brought back into operation on Sunday, the huge insulators connected to the cable had to be cleaned and inspected. No permanent damage was done to the installations.

“Had our chaps not realised the danger of a probable “flash over” there could have been a break-down in the line which would have caused disruption to supplies” said Mr R.B. Anderson, the Hydro-Board’s area manager.

New Casualty Unit at D.R.I.

A new extension at Dundee Royal Infirmary containing a new casualty and out-patient department has been completed.

The extension, started just over a year ago, is the first two stages of a four-stage project.

The completed phase consists of the new wing containing theatre, plaster room, accident assessment room, X-ray department, fracture clinic and various administrative ancillary areas.

In addition, the existing casualty waiting area has been replanned and altered to provide entrance and trolley bays for the new building.

The new casualty department is a temporary building and will serve the needs of D.R.I. until the new Ninewells Hospital is complete.

Dundee’s Top Ten

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand….The Beatles
2. She Loves You…..The Beatles
3. Don’t Talk to Him….Cliff Richard
4. You’ll Never Walk Alone….Gerry and the Pacemakers
5. Secret Love….Kathy Kirby
6. You Were Made for Me….Freddy and the Dreamers
7. I’ll Keep you Satisfied….Billy J. Kramer
8. I Can Dance….Brian Poole
9. Maria Elena…..Los Indios Tabajaros
10. Glad All Over….Dave Clark Five

Santa and the Bairns in the Library Window

Christmas is essentially a time for kids. With so many of them living in housing schemes they don’t get so many opportunities to see the store Santa Clauses and the bright lights.

One man who has introduced a little of the thrill of Christmas is Mr Earle Stewart, Librarian at Camperdown branch library. The two library windows have been given over to Christmas displays. In one there’s a Santa Claus sitting reading a book to a group of children spread around his feet. The “children” are in fact, dolls which Mr Stewart borrowed from some of the younger members.

“The difficulty wasn’t in finding the material for the display but refusing it without hurting anyone’s feelings,” said Mr Stewart.

“I asked one wee girl if I could borrow her doll, and I was inundated with them from all her chums as well”

“The housing schemes tend to be pretty dismal places at this time of year in comparison to the city centre. It’s not so bad for the teenagers, who can hop on a bus at any time. So we decided to provide something for children”.

The Camperdown library, an experiment in that it is the first in any housing scheme in the city, looks like making a real impact on the community life.

It now caters for over 3000 members – 1629 adults and 2005 juniors.

Caird and Marryat Halls

Friday, Jan. 24
In both halls simultaneously
Late Nite Dancing
To America’s “Be My Baby” Gorgeous Chicks
With the

Plus Malcolm Clark and Cresters
Johnny Carr and Cadillacs
Tommy Dene and Tremors
Johnny and Copykatz
Mark Dayton and Honours
Johnny Hudson and Hi-Four

9 p.m. to 2 a.m.. Admission 7/6
Tickets may be purchased at Malcolm Nixon Agency Ltd,
63, Gellatly Street, Dundee.

The Bellman
Peace on Earth

Recently it was announced that the air raid shelters were to be demolished. Excellent news – except for tenants in Annfield Road.

At ten o’clock on Christmas Sunday the demolishers moved in with sledge hammers. And the peace was shattered for the rest of the day.

Climax was on Christmas Day. All conversation was drowned out from dawn till dust by the incessant clattering of drills and the crashing of bulldozers as the shelters were removed.

Television had to be seen – but not heard – because of the almighty racket. And all the tenants want to know – why this sudden frantic rush?

Of course, the workmen would have no complaints. They must have been on a tidy spot of overtime.


The Shop for
Gift Tokens
Tape Recorders
Low’s (Dundee) Ltd.
21, Crichton Street, Dundee
Telephone 26155.

United Can Dump the Champions – Bob Miller’s Page

It was Dundee’s turn last week when Celtic were at Dens.

Today United come into their own with a visit from Rangers.

Its such a long time since city fans had such attractions in successive weeks.

Rangers, unfortunately from the gate point of view, have hit a sticky patch. This will keep down the number of Ibrox fans travelling.

But we’ll find many Dundee supporters becoming United fans for the day. They know a United victory means a lot to the dark blues.

United have hit a sound game just as Rangers have hit the slide and I think their chances of victory are even brighter than in the last two seasons, and we know what happened to Rangers then.

But you can never count Rangers out. They can storm back when least expected. And they know what this Tannadice game means to them. They’ll fight all the way.

Everything points to a real thriller. I think United will take both points, do themselves a lot of good and throw the league championship wide open.

With Jimmy Millar leading Rangers we should see many thrilling tussles with brother Tommy.

United’s team:- Davie, Millar, Briggs, Neilson, Smith, Fraser, Irvine, Howieson, Davidson, Gillespie, Mitchell.

Christmas Show for the Palace

Dundee is to have a full week’s Christmas show at the Palace. Under the label “Christmas Crackers”, it will be launched on the evening of Monday, December 23.

And on Monday, December 30, another week of variety with the title “A Guid New Year” will follow.

Manager Ronnie Coburn said yesterday that the decision to put the Palace into action six nights a week again was the result of a large number of inquiries about the festival season entertainment.

If the New Year show clicks, its run will be extended.

“Christmas Crackers” will not be a pantomime. But there will be a potted “Cinderella” among the acts.

“We’re making this entirely a family affair” said Mr Coburn. “It will be the sort of show that kids can bring their mums and dads to”.

Lyon Bros

The “Princess” Eternity Ring
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