February 1964

New Shock for Mr McGovern

Councillor Peter McGovern received a bombshell this week – he has not been adopted as prospective Socialist candidate for the Downfield Ware, which he has represented for 10 years.

His colleagues, Lord Provost Maurice McManus and Mrs Agnes Holway, were readopted, together with Councillor Ian Borthwick, who presently represents the borderline Dudhope ward.

This latest blow to Mr McGovern follows his recent “brushes” with the Socialist party executive and the A.E.U.

First he had his shop stewardship in the A.E.U. withdrawn and later restored on winning his appeal. They followed his omission from the party executive’s pool of prospective candidates.

Again he was reinstated after an appeal.

Mr McGovern’s career as a councillor now hinges upon the possibility of his adoption by another ward. But already the nominations for the recognised “safer” Socialist wards have been filled.

What has brought about this?
It is hinted that it is a sequel to the dispute between the Transport Department and the A.E.U., of which Mr McGovern is a member. Mr McGovern is Transport Committee convener.

There are also hints that the A.E.U.’s displeasure does not rest solely with Mr McGovern but also with the Socialist group in the town council.

This argument finds weight in the scramble for nominations in Ward V., where two A.E.U. members, Ronald Tosh and James Scofield are in the short leet.

Which of the three sitting members will move over? Will it be Bailie Mrs Janet Brougham, Councillor Sam McCormack or Councillor George Beattie?

It’s a “perm three from five” with bankers on Messrs Beattie, Scofield and Tosh.

Another union member, William Christie, has found his way into Ward IV., where Bailie Charles Buick’s dispute with the socialist group has resulted in his standing as an independent.

Adopted along side him are the sitting councillors, Bailie James W. Duncan and Harry Reilly.

Decided this week also was Ward III (Lochee) where Bailies W. Miller and Alex Soutar, and Councillor R. Doyle have been renominated.  Ward VIII, (Camperdown) is still undecided, but the two present councillors are likely to survive, W. Roberts and Mrs Jean Sagger.

Among the sitting councillors who are home and dry, s far a their ward selection are concerned are – Lord Provost McManus, Mrs Agnes Holway, Mr Ian Borthwick , Bailie James L. Stewart, Mr Tom Moore, Mr John Stewart, City Treasurer Harry Dickson, Hospitalmaster A.J. Thomson, Dr Faulkner, Bailies J.W. Duncan, W. Millar and A. Soutar, and Mr R.Doyle and Mr H. Reilly.

The man who could hold the key to the issue is Bailie Buick, He has a large following in his native ward and if he is backed to the full this will be a safe seat lost to his former colleagues.

If this happens he might also prove to be the key man in the council, for, with an 18-17 Socialist majority, he would be the floating vote among the 36 representatives.

Farewell to Tommy and the Tremors

Tommy Dean and the Tremors, are to break up.

They are one of the best known Scottish groups – they play regularly in Kincardine and Angus, and even had their own fan club in Dundee.

Two of the boys – 19 year old Mike Riach (bass guitar) and Tommy’s cousin, Byron Grant, the lead guitarist, came from Brechin.

Said Tommy – real name Tommy Mackie, of Fowler Avenue, Aberdeen: “There has been no bitterness between us, and the decision to break up was mutual”.

“The boys have to get home now and again and, with Mike and Byron living in Brechin, travelling arrangements made life very difficult”.

In October The Tremors made a special trip to London for a recording session.

Tommy, who composed five numbers, is forming a new band, and Byron and Mike hope to keep The Tremors alive.

The First Steps to Safety

What a rush when television favourite Larry Marshall came to Dundee in search of more members for his Tufty Club.

Over 1000 bairns went along to join this club which is doing such an excellent job to make the youngsters more “safety conscious” on the roads.

Cilla’s Top of the Pops

Cilla Black, the 20 year-old lady Beatle from Scotland Road, Liverpool, hit the headlines this week. She became the first girl to top the hit parade since Helen Shapiro – and that was over two years ago. Surprising thing is that Cilla’s song, “Anyone Who Had a Heart”, is not a beat opus. It’s a moving ballad.

Cilla, her real name Priscilla White, has the same boss – Brian Epstien – as The Beatles, Billy J. Kramer and Gerry and the Pacemakers. A stevedore’s daughter, she is the only girl in a family of four.

She was in Scotland for the third time on Tuesday recording a TV show. She’s been in Dundee once, when she said “Scots audiences are the best you can find, and the reception I got in Dundee was really fab”. The gear.”

Visit Restaurant Wilson

On the West Side of
Union Street
Exceptional food – first class service
As from Monday, February 3, we are serving
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Plumber Work

Alfred Duffus
Kingsway Circle
Executed by
Alex. Farquharson & Son
Registered plumbers
1, Buchanan Street & 7b Ogilvie Street, Dundee.
Phone 25564. Emergency phone 86889.

The Beat- Up City

Talking point of the week is the shock decision by city authorities to ban further dance promotions in the Caird Hall. On Friday over 2000 fans turned up for the first of the proposed series of dances in the hall, and, despite a scrimmage in the last stages, everything went to plan.

But the notorious Tommy Steele scene of some years ago still lives on.

This new incident, a minor one considering the attendance figures, was pounced upon by the radio and television networks the following day, and featured in their peak-hour bulleting.

The nation-wide focus on the city obviously influenced the hall’s administrators to act, and on the face of things their decision seemed justified.

And so, Dundee is once again labelled “the beat-up city” of the beat world…but this time undeservedly so!

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February 8
Mrs Puffin”
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Matinee at 4.30 p.m. on Feb 8.
8 p.m., Monday, Feb 3.

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Bright Tips 1964

Clean Knife – To remove the clinging smell of onions from a knife, draw it through a raw potato several times. Mrs Campbell, Stonehaven.

Stocking Savers – Sprinkle hairspray on toes and heels of nylons. Let it dry and it will prevent ladders. Mrs Spinks Kirkcaldy.