March 1964

The Boys of the Old (Tram) Brigade

High Street

The trams were running again in Dundee on Wednesday – in memories of over a hundred men of the old transport brigade, who held a long awaited reunion in Transport House in Barrack Street.

Everyone present had spent at least 20 years in the Transport Department and there was no shortage of stories of the pioneer days of passenger traffic in Dundee.

There was tram veteran Willie Duncan seven years retired, bringing back the glint of recollection to the eyes of his comrades with his detailed description of the driver of over forty years ago, dressed for duty in sou’wester, clogs, leggings and thick leather gloves.

In another corner the hazards of tackling Constitution Hill on an open single-deck bus, recounted by James Wilson, brought sympathetic chuckles for fellow sufferers of old.

Eighty-six-year-old David Macgregor, would, he said, be driving trams today, if the trams were still running. Davie added proudly “Every man did his work without quibbling in those days. I got £1 a week and three days a year holiday and a Saturday night off every three weeks”.

Retirement has never threatened the bond of comradeship which unites the veterans of the old brigade.

It Was Too Bad To Be True!

Almost overnight Dundee’s challenge for a place in the top four has disappeared. In four days they crashed to Airdrie and Hearts. That too, when the odds were in their favour.

Inside a week Hearts were downed 0-4 by Dundee United at Tynecastle and 0-2 to Hibs at Easter Road.

Few saw them with much of a chance at Dens Park. Yet they were very much on top in every phase of the game.

They were smarter in the tackle and much slicker in all their moves.

Dundee just could not get into an effective stride. There was no tie-up and one saw little of the quick switch that has so often brought goals.

Shooting was bad although six goals were scored. Defensive slips, particularly by the goalkeepers, were responsible for half the counters.

It was just not Dundee’s day. Everything went wrong for them, which was surprising after getting a goal in the first minute.

Amazing as it may sound, the Dark Blues did not have a single star.

The one bright thought we get from it all is that they just could not have such a bad day again.

It’s certainly the hope of all in Dundee that this form will be left behind today when they head for Ibrox.

Down Through the Ages

The Murraygate is one of the oldest thoroughfares in Dundee. It dates back to the 14th century, when it was known as the “Moref-gait” in honour of Randolph, Earl of Moray, the companion in arms of Wallace the Bruce.

Jute Workers Meet Tomorrow to Discuss Offer

An offer made in response to Dundee jute workers’ claim for a shorter working week will be considered at a meeting of the Jute and Flax Workers’ Union in the Caird Hall tomorrow morning.

The employees have asked for a 40-hour week for day and night shift workers (at present they work 43 hours), and for a 37½ hour week for double day shift workers (presently 38¾ hours).

The reduced working week without reduction in wages would be equivalent to a 7 per cent wage increase for day and night shift workers, and a 3 per cent increase for others.

Councillor Robert Doyle, general secretary of the Jute and Flax Workers’ Union, said this week that some progress had been made at a meeting on March 11 between the employers (the Association of Jute Spinners and Manufacturers) and the three unions concerned – the Jute and Flax Workers’ Union, the National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers, and the Scottish Union of Power Loom Tenters.


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Bright Tips 1964

Try Olive Oil – Add a few drops of olive oil to butter when making white sauce. This prevents it browning and makes a smoother sauce. Mrs Leith, Huntly.

No Draughts – Tightly roll up old newspapers length-wise and cover them with old coloured material. Tack them to the foot of doors to make cheery, cheap draught excluders. Mrs E. Monaghan, Kelty.

Bomb Scare

The 4100-seat Green’s Playhouse – one of Europe’s largest cinema’s – was evacuated on Thursday night after a “bomb” hoax call was made to the cinema.

But no bomb went off. Green’s is still intact and the show will go on again tonight.