April 1964

Relax Dundee but Don't Sag

In the tension of Hampden on Scottish Cup final day, anything goes.
Who can allow for serious injury to any player? Who can say which players will hit form and which won't (writes Gordon Gray)

And with two attacking teams like Dundee and Rangers, which defence will crack first?

Judging by what I've seen of both this season Dundee are the more deadly in attack. Yet equally they can be the shakier in defence!

Rangers have never hit peak form this season because of injuries to key players. You can count on one hand the number of times they've been able to field their recognised first eleven.

Caldow has had only two or three games in the first season. Baxter was off for a long spell with a flaked anklebone. Before him it was Davy Wilson.

Jim Forrest and Jimmy Millar have each been out for spells through injury. Henderson got a nasty ankle knock at Aberdeen and missed the semi-final.

But that's changed lately. Rangers will probably have every recognised first team man ready for the action today.

Question is can the team selected slip into gear straight away?

If they do, Dundee will find themselves with no room or time in which to settle - and find themselves bang in trouble.

Dundee's attacking football has been the peak of perfection this season - at times.

On their semi-final form they could take even Rangers to the cleaners - aye and better teams than that, too;

But in between the purple patches have been some grey poor performance.

Lack of atmosphere? Could be.

My one fear for them at Hampden - and where is there is a greater atmosphere than that - is that they'll be tempted to try too hard and force the smoothness out of their play.

Bob Shankly will have to guard against that.

All things being as they ideally should, Dundee will do it.

But when I say relax, I don't mean sag!
Everything will be working against relaxed play.

A howling crowd, a surging, eager Rangers and the inevitable temptation for each individual to do too much.

Show Rangers you're shaking and you're showing them the way to victory.

To both teams I say - go out and play the game as it comes to you. You're capable of providing the best final in living memory. Let's have it.

Footballer' Special

Condor Football Boots, 64/- to £5 12/6.
Slazenger Football Boots, 49/6 to £5 5/-.
Adidas Football Boots, 56/3 to £8 19/6.
David Low, Seagate, Dundee.

Quicker By Train

Memo for the thousands of fans going through by train today.

By far the best way to Hampden from Buchanan Street if by the Blue Trains from Central Station. And don't be disheartened by the length of the queue's - it is a continual circular service, and B.R. manage to clear the crowds in no time.

Taxi? A dicey business. They're at a premium, and besides, they won't go as far as Hampden and you're faced with a bit of a walk to the ground.

Dundee's New Family Store

The opening of the new store at 100 Commercial Street on Thursday made a perfect ending for the success story of the owner, Mr Alex Smith.

Twenty-three years ago Mr Smith launched his first business project, a small second-hand shop in Ann Street.

The "shop at the corner" flourished and for it Mr Smith built up a chain of stores with four links in Dundee and one in Montrose High Street.

The ingredients in his recipe for success are, he says a good staff and a family interest in the business, and the Commercial Street branch has both.

Mr Smith's wife, Janet, has also a flair for business and is a co-director.

In charge of the nursery-style children's department is the Smith's eighteen-year-old daughter Sandra.

A staff of over forty man the various departments of the five-floor store which is completely "walk-around".

In keeping with the family theme there is something for everyone at Smiths.

Starting on the ground floor is Mother's territory, handbags, cosmetics, stocking &c., - a complete women's world lie only a step away from the street.

Shirts, socks and suits are all to be found in the men's clothing department, with shoes on sale nearby. Both made-to-measure and off-the-peg suits are in a wide price range.

Babies, infants and youths are all catered for quickly and in comfort.

The basement department will be the target for the house-planners and spring-cleaners.

A wide range of contemporary and traditional furniture shares all the available space with a selection of carpets, rugs, pictures and mirror.

A café which is in the early stages of construction at the moment, will be a real boon to the weary shopper.

With the opening of the Tay Road Bridge, Mr Smith anticipates a lot of new customers for his conveniently situated Commercial Street Branch, but old or new, all are assured of a wholehearted welcome, when, in the words of Alex Smith himself, they let an interested family look after their interested family.

Dundee's Top Ten

1 - A World Without Love - Peter and Gordon
2 - Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles
3 - I Believe - The Bachelors
4 - Tell Me When - The Applejacks
5 - Don't Throw Your Love Away - The Searchers
6 - My Boy Lollipop - Millie
7 - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - Gerry and the Pacemakers
8 - Little Children - Billy J. Kramer
9 - Just One Look - The Hollies
10 - I Love You Because - Jim Reeves

Bright Tips 1964

New Potatoes - When scraping new potatoes, use hot water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in it. The potatoes will scraped more easily, look whiter and your hands are not stained. Mrs J. Hutcheon, Pitcaple.

Heat Them - If potatoes for baking are put in hot water for 15 minutes, they bake quicker and are nice and meaty. Mrs J. Scott, Aberdeen.

Dundee Corporation

Parks Department
Enjoy the Spring Holiday
In Your City Parks

Golf at Caird and Camperdown
Tennis, Putting, Pitch and Putt in
Most Parks

Boating at Stobsmuir
Horse Riding and Pony Rides for
Children at Camperdown.

A.S. Dow, Superintendent, 17, City Square.

Trad Cafe, Blackness Road

Open Every Night
Sunday Rolls and Papers
At Last!
By demand of its member's?Cavern Club Ball
In Drill Hall, West Bell Street on
April 24, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Tony Vincent and His Men of Mystery

Andy Lothian Jun and Albert A. Bonici

Present in the
Caird Hall
On Wednesday, May 20
Rolling Stones
Freddie & Dreamers
Peter & Gordon
Dave Berry and the Cruisers
Johnny Hudson and the Hi-Four
Mark Peters and the Silhouettes

At 6.30 and 8.45 p.m.
Tickets priced 15/-, 12/6, 9/6, 6/6 and 4/-
Booking at Malcolm Nixon Agency,
63, Gellatly Street, Dundee
Opens Saturday, April 11.