April 1938

Overgate Shopkeeper’s Drastic Action

An Overgate Shopkeeper has decided to take drastic steps to deal with customers who will not pay their debts.

The names of those whose accounts are not paid by today will be shown in the shop window.The shop, a newsagent and tobacconist’s, is at 118 Overgate, and the proprietor is Mr A.M. Reid.

Mr Reid who is at present ill and his sister is in charge of the shop.

“I am responsible for this action” she said. “When I discovered that numerous people had outstanding accounts and obviously had very little intention of paying, I decided to try this method”.

“I displayed a notice in the window stating that customers who had not paid their accounts by Saturday would have their names shown in the shop window. I also notified the customers concerned as to the action I intend to take. Already several outstanding accounts have been paid, but it looks as if I will be forced to carry out my threat. It is not the poorer customers I am up against, but those who I know perfectly well are able to pay. It is only a question of taking advantage of the small shopkeeper”.

This method of collecting overdue accounts has already been tried out in St Andrews, Edinburgh and elsewhere, but this is the first occasion on which a Dundee shopkeeper has employed it.

Fifty Years Ago – And Now

Grey Lodge Work Is Never Done
“Fifty Years Ago and Now” was the subject of an address by Sir D’Arcy Thompson at the annual meeting on Wednesday of Grey Lodge Settlement Association. Ex-Lord Provost Buist presided.

Sir D’Arcy Thompson traced the development of Grey Lodge, and particularly the work done by the late Miss Mary Lily Walker.

The world was altered since Dundee Social Union was founded 50 years ago, and most of the changes came since the “grey lady” died in the year before the war.

In this changing world Grey Lodge duties and atmosphere had changed, too, but its work was never done.

The annual report was adopted on the motion of Lord Provost Phin, seconded by Dr. G.F. Barbour, Pitlochry.

Re-election of office bearers was proposed by Lieut John Morrison, and seconded by Dr Foggle. The following were also added to the council:- Miss Valentine, Auchterhouse, convener housing committee; Mrs McKenzie, Barnhill; Miss Jill Keay, secretary, nursery school committee and Mr Sidney M. Falconer.

Rhubarb and Banana Fool

This novel dish is recommended by Miss L. Lamond, Perth.
Take ½ stewed rhubarb, 5 bananas, 1 gill cream or custard, sugar to taste.
Unless rhubarb is very young put it through a sieve. Sieve the bananas, add to the rhubarb and mix well. Stir in the cream and sugar. Put into glass serving dishes and decorate with slices of banana.

Six Sons Follow in Father’s Footsteps

Dundee Family’s Football Record
A notable football record has been set up by a Dundee family. The father, himself a former footballer, has six sons, all of whom take an active part in the game.

They are the “Mudies”, of 8 Strathmore Street. Already the family has collected 26 medals for league and cup successes, four wristlet watches and two juvenile cups.

All have been captains of their teams at some time during their career.

Joe (Broughty ex-Service), Tom (St Patick’s) George (Celtic), Frank (St Patrick’s), Robert (St John’s), Thomas (father) (ex-Clepington) and Jack (St Mary’s).

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Dundee United Director Wants Help

Bailie Greig, managing director of Dundee United F.C., is not to carry on next season unless co-operation is forthcoming from some other shareholder.

He made this statement at a meeting of the shareholders yesterday, held to consider the future of the club in view of the fact that the period for which Bailie Greig undertook to conduct affairs expires on April 30.

The financial position showed a profit to 31st March of over £295.

Bailie Greig explained that while he was anxious that the club should continue, he had decided he could not undertake the sole management for another period.

He was willing, however, to co-operate with any shareholder in order that the club should be carried on.

The meeting resolved to adjourn for one week so that the shareholders would have time to consider the position and submit concrete proposals for the carrying on of the club.

Before the meeting concluded Mr William McIntosh said he was sure the shareholders would desire to minute their appreciation of what Bailie Greig had done for the club during his period in management.

Cinema is to Become Music Hall

Special to “People’s Journal”
A scheme is on foot, or is expected to materialise shortly, for the old People’s Palace in Nethergate, now the Palace Cinema, to return to its former status as a house of variety.

Negotiations, though not yet complete, are well ahead for the change over.

Music Hall devotees of the older generation will remember the People’s Palace in its heyday, when all the great variety artistes of the time appeared on its stage.

Such well-known figures as Lafayette, Marie Lloyd, George Lashwood, Florrie Forde, Little Tich and of course, the evergreen Harry Lauder were regular visitors to the Nethergate variety-house.

I have learned that it is proposed to entirely remodel the interior of the building. The question of cost is being closely investigated. The deal is expected to be definitely settled with in the next fortnight.

A well-know personage in the world of vauderville entertainment is at the head of the new move, and is expected to be in Dundee shortly to discuss final details.

City Scholars in Luck

Dundee school children are to have a longer Easter holiday this year. This was agreed to on Tuesday by the Education Committee, when it was decided that the schools shall close on Tuesday instead of Thursday evening next week.

Mr Garnet Wilson, convener, pointed out that there had been a good deal of epidemic sickness this year, and it had been suggested that the committee might give an even longer holiday than had been proposed.

Mrs Lily Miller, moving that they agree on the proposal, said that after a long-drawn out winter children needed a spring holiday.

There was no amendment.

It was also agreed that this year for the summer holidays the academies and central schools should be closed on the second last day and the primary schools on the last day of the session.


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