March 1938

Official Secrets Act Charge
City Women Shopkeeper Arrested

Dundee came into the limelight this week by the arrest of a middle-aged woman on a charge under the Official Secrets Act.

The woman was Mrs Jessie Wallace or Jordan, aged 51, who for some months had conducted a ladies’ hairdressing establishment in the north end of the city.

She formally appeared at the Police Court on Thursday morning when she was remanded until next Thursday.

The arrest was made by Chief Constable Neilans and Detective-Lieutenant Carstairs, who were accompanied by Colonel Hinchley-Cooke of the War Office Military Intelligence staff.

The first move in the affair so far as the outside world was concerned took place on Wednesday, when police cars arrived at the door of the shop situated at the north corner of Kinloch Street and Rosebank Street. Above the doorway is the inscription “Jordan’s Saloon,” while in one of the two windows appears a card bearing the words “J.Jordon, hair specialist”.

The arrival of police cars naturally attracted some attention, and the crowd which gathered were surprised when the police emerged from the shop accompanied by Mrs Jordan. Small in statue but stoutly built, Mrs Jordan was attired in a smart black coat with fur collar and a little green hat, adorned with a feather.

The party drove to police headquarters, where the woman was detained.

She appeared before Bailie Blackwood at the Police Court on Thursday amid a buzz of excitement for the public benched. Mrs Jordan looking pale and anxious answered to her name and took up her stance at the bar.

Mr Archibald Bell, the burgh fiscal, said that the accused has been apprehended within the burgh of Dundee, charged with a contravention of Section 1. (1) (C) of the Official Secrets Act, 1911. Mr Bell asked for a remand in custody until March 10 for further inquiries.

Bailie Blackwood agreed to this request. The proceedings only lasted about a minute, and Mrs Jordan returned to the cells without glancing round the court.

The section under which Mrs Jordan is charged refers to any person who “obtains or communicates to any other person any sketch, plan, model, article or note or other document of information which is calculated to be or might be or is intended to be directly or indirectly useful to an enemy”.

Mrs Jordan had an interview with Mr John R. Bond, her law agent, during the course of yesterday.

The Dundee Police, who have been in touch with the Intelligence Department of the War Office in London, have been conducting inquiries in the city for some time.

During Thursday they were engaged in further investigations. Detectives made a thorough search of Mrs Jordan’s shop and cellars, while they also carried out an examination of drains.

They paid a visit to the house at 23 Stirling Street occupied by a widow, Mrs Ross, where Mrs Jordan occupied a bed-sitting room from the beginning of November up to Friday of last week. Since then she had lived in her shop, which she opened in September.

During the forenoon a party comprising Colonel Hinchley-Cooke, Chief Constable Neilans, Detective Lieutenant Carstairs, and Mrs Jordan and one of the police-woman left by car. They crossed by the Tay Ferries steamer to Fife.

Several places covering a wide area were visited, and the party returned to Dundee after the absence of several hours. Inquiries were also carried out in Perth.

When Mrs Jordan opened her premises in Rosebank Street she carried on both ladies’ and gentlemen’s hairdressing business, but shortly after the New Year she confined her concern entirely to women.

“Mrs Jordan” Mrs Ross, her landlady said “only slept in my house and did all her cooking and washing in the shop”.

“I didn’t really see much of her. She went out in the morning to her shop, and I seldom saw her again until about ten o’clock. When she came to stay with me at first she told me that she belonged to Glasgow, and that her mother was in Canada, and that she had been brought up by her grandmother”.

Assistant Chief Constable Pattison and Detective Lieutenant Carstairs visited the shop in the course of the day for the purpose of checking up on information previously gained.

Colonel Hinchley-Cooke left the city for London on Thursday night.

Mrs Jordan’s shop remained closed, but it is understood that arrangements are being made to have the business reopened.

Dundee’s Boxer in Thrilling Bout
Referee Stops Fight

In a thrilling boxing contest over 12 rounds in the Caird Hall on Wednesday night Jim Brady, Dundee, beat Young Gonzolez, Spanish champions. The fight was stopped in the 11th round, when Brady was leading on points.
Brady gave a sparkling performance. For a spell midway through the fight Gonzolez had the Dundee boy rather puzzled with his swift-moving attach and long swinging blows to the head, and only Brady’s well-known “will o’ the wisp” tactics in defence kept him out of danger at this time.

During the rest of the bout, however Brady, carried the fight to his man and punched hard with both hands - punched so hard that the Spaniards face was showing pretty bad signs by the time the contest came to an end.

Lady Provost to Greet “Star”
Miss Neagle’s Visit to Dundee

Filmgoers will have an opportunity of seeing Miss Anna Neagle, star of “Victoria the Great”, when she makes a personal appearance of the stage of Green’s Playhouse on Monday evening.

A real Scottish welcome will await her at the door of the cinema, for two pipers are to play her into the building.

Miss Neagle will arrive at Tay Bridge Station from Aberdeen at 12.6 p.m. on Monday. She will be accompanied by Mr Herbert Wilcox, producer of the film.

Miss Neagle will drive to the City Chambers, where she will be received by the Lady Provost Mrs Phin, and will then go to the Royal British Hotel to attend a luncheon at 1.30 p.m.

After her appearance on the Playhouse stage, probably about 8 o’clock, Miss Neagle will leave from Tay Bridge Station at 9.30 to return to London.

Bread Will Be Cheaper

The price of bread in Dundee will be reduced by a halfpenny per 4 lb loaf on Monday. This reduction to 9d takes place automatically as the result of flour quotations falling below the pivotal point of 41s on two successive weeks.

Last week the figure was 39s 9d, including a quota of 1s 6d per sack, and on Thursday the price was 39s 6d, with a quota of 1s.

Bread in Dundee rose a halfpenny on January 17, after having been 9d since November 15.

Timber Houses “Impressed”

Town Councillors from Dundee who visited Hull to inspect a new type of rapidly-erected timber houses returned to the city on Thursday “favourably impressed”. The Dundee deputation formed part of a large delegation from Scottish local authorities. The houses are of a patented type, built by Canadian methods. They have solid timber walls, and were completed in 9HALF weeks.

Treasurer Caldwell, who was one of the Dundee deputation, said that the completed house was of a high finish, with good-sized rooms. The rooms could be made to any size. Convener Archer and Treasurer Caldwell are to submit a memorandum to the Town Council.


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Patients Entertained

Dundee Trinity Orchestra and Musical Society gave an entertainment to the patients and staff at Montrose Royal Asylum. The concert which was arranged by Mr C. Gordon McKenzie included songs by Miss Mina Norrie, Mr Andrew Archibald and Mr Norman Tough, and exhibition dances by the pupils of Miss Ester Clarke. The band gave a rendering of “A Nicht wi’ Burns”.