December 1937

Bye- Election at Lochee

Polling day in the Lochee bye-election is on Tuesday. The election is of more than ordinary importance. A win for the Moderates will ensure the continuance of the present regime in the Town Council for the next three years.The candidates are Mr R.J. Lawson, Moderate and Mr D.R. Kidd, Socialist. Mr Lawson polled very well at the election in November and he resides in the ward. Mr Kidd was defeated in the Fourth Ward. He now resides in Broughty Ferry.

The election meetings that have been held were well attended, but the audiences were inclined to be noisy.

The polling stations are at Liff Road School and St. Mary’s R.C. School.

If the Moderates are to win the seat a big poll will have to be recorded.

There will be 13 polling sheriffs and an equal number of polling clerks on duty on Election Day, and the votes will be counted in the evening. The result is expected to be known about nine o’clock.

Both candidates held largely attended meetings last night.

Dundee’s Official New Post

Dundee is to lose a well known official by the appointment this week of Mr W.A. Hepburn, district officer of the Unemployed Assistance Board, to an important post in London.

Mr Hepburn, a native of Dumfriesshire, came to Dundee in January 1936 as district officer of the board with control over the counties of Fife and Kinross, Perth, Angus, Kincardine, Aberdeenshire and Banffshire. He succeeded Mr A. Cree, who was transferred to Glasgow.

Mr Hepburn entered the civil service in 1922. As well as attending to his duties he studies at Edinburgh University and graduated M.A. with first-class honours in classics in 1924.

He was then assistant inspector of the Scottish Board of Health and served in Edinburgh until 1927. He was transferred to Glasgow as personal assistant to the chief inspector of the Department of Health. In 1930 he was promoted district inspector in charge of the southern district of Glasgow, and in August 1934 went to Carlisle as district officer there.

He was appointment to the position he at present holds in January 1936. Mr Hepburn expects to take up his new duties early next year.

What’s On At Dundee Cinemas & Theatres Next Week

Broadway – All week – Tremendous attraction. 22 Royal Kiltie Juniors and the world famous Max and Harry Nesbit. Full supporting star cast. Book now 3292.

Kinnaird – All Week – Lionel Artwill, Lucie Mannheim in “The High Command” (A); also – “Down to the Sea” (A), with Russell Hardie, Ben Lyon, Ann Rutherford.

Playhouse – All Week – Boris Karloff, Jean Rogers and Warren Hull in “Night Key” (U). Robert Wilcox and Nan Grey in “The Man in Blue (A). Coloured Silly Symphony, “Woodland Café”.

Twenty Two May Share Mansion

By Our Own Reporter
One of Dundee’s biggest mansion-houses is to be converted into single-roomed apartments. The house, Landowne, which is situated at 9 Coupar Angus Road was formerly in the possession of the Cox Family.

It has now been purchased by Mr Robert Tulloch, of Tulloch and Strachan, Builders, Dundee.

The building comprises some 22 rooms which will act as bed-sitting-rooms. They will be fitted with gas or coal fires. The house is already equipped with electric light. Standing in five acres of ground, Landowne is within easy reach of the Lochee tram terminus, being only five minutes walk from it.

It is Mr Tulloch’s intention to fit out a modern kitchenette with gas stoves and rings &c., where food can be cooked by the residents. The house is not to be run as service flats. Mr Tulloch, however, is to employ a caretaker who, along with his wife, will look after the common rooms, &c.

Adjoining the house is a spacious dance hall, which Mr Tulloch intends letting out for private parties or for the residents of Landowne.

It is expected the property will be ready for occupation within about a week.

Wintry Weather Holds up Trade

A feature of the wintry weather which has prevailed in the city this week has been the widespread hold up of outside work.

Snow and ice, accompanied by slush and damp, have made it impossible for many trades to carry on. Some 2000 men in building occupations have been unable to start work this week, although there is plenty of work for them to do.

The employment exchange was almost swamped by the number of men “signing on” through inability to continue their job by reason of weather conditions.

A return to more favourable weather will mean a sudden increase of employment, and the prospects of a prosperous Christmas will be proportionally enhanced.

Snow and ice may be picturesque, but they can also be disturbing economic factors.

Black Bull Whisky

On Sale Everywhere
Geo. Willsher & Co………….Dundee.

Fascinating Toys

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Good Things for the Feast

Delicious Sandwiches
Very nice are thin white bread and butter sandwiches with a filling of apple and grated chocolate. Slice the apple very thinly and sprinkle well with the chocolate.

Ginger Rolls
These are made with preserved ginger minced very finely and moistened with honey to make it spread easily. Butter thin slices of bread, remove the crusts, spread thickly with the honey and ginger, and roll up into little rolls.

Dundee Interest

Dundee are showing an interest in Jacky Robertson, the clever Anchorage intermediate, who was recently in Kilmarnock’s “A” team. He will assist Dundee’s second string at Ayr today. Stranger things have happened than that the Anchorage boy should join the staff of the club in whose ranks brother Jimmy, now Kilmarnock’s centre-forward, rose to stardom.

Land O’Cakes

Festive Fare
Sultana Cakes 2 lb…………1/9. 2/-  2/6  3/- 
Shortbread, 6 caked in tin…..3/2.
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