June 1938

Cinema Ban on Priests

Roman Catholic priests in Dundee may no longer go to the cinema.
This ban was placed on them in common with other priests throughout Scotland, following a meeting of the Roman Catholic bishops at Blair’s College Aberdeen.

A letter has been issued by the Bishop of Dunkeld to members of the R.C. clergy in his diocese, which includes Dundee, and the prohibition is already in force.The ban is an extension of the ruling issued from Fort-Augustus, 50 years ago, that no member of the Catholic clergy should attend a theatre. This ruling is still in force. It includes all forms of theatre entertainment, including opera and stage plays.

Because of the date of the Fort-Augustus protocol, picture houses were not included. Priest have therefore been in the habit of visiting cinemas.

A Dundee priest said that although he frequently went to the cinema, he has been expecting this ban for a considerable time.

A few years ago, he said, a cinema “clean-up” had been started in America by the R.C. Bishops. He was surprised the cinema ban had not been applied here a long time ago.

Because the word cinema was not used in the Fort-Augustus ruling, however, priests had always taken the liberty of going to the cinemas.

It was not so bad in Dundee, but in Glasgow, where there is a large number of Catholic clergy, it was quite common to see several in one cinema at the same time.

Members of the laity might quite well wonder, if they saw this. Apart from the type of film being shown the impression might be gained that they were wasting time which could be better utilised in parochial affairs.

Bishop Bennett, of Aberdeen said that the action had been taken on two main grounds. Films were not always suitable, and it was felt a great waste of time was resulting from these visits to the cinema by the priests.

“The Bishops do not visit the cinemas” said Bishop Bennett, “and we are just bringing our priests into line. We don’t think the cinema is a place for the clergy, and we feel they should be devoting their time to other matters.

Punters Left At Post

Quite a number of Dundee’s once-a-year punters found themselves “left at the post” in their Derby transactions.

Unlike Bois Roussell they failed to make good, but perhaps they are thanking there lucky stars today, for the winner was not a strong fancy in Dundee.

New regulations have been introduced by Dundee bookmakers within recent months, as a result of which they refused to accept any bets after one o’clock on the day of the race.

This step was rendered necessary, I was informed, because of a large number of bets which came pouring in a few hours prior to the start of the race.

“As a matter of fact” said one bookmaker “we had to engage staff to cope with this rush, and we felt that the transactions were not worth all the trouble and we decided to close our books for bets at one o’clock”.

“Of course, if a client had a credit account we were bound to accept his ‘line’ but we restricted our business after that hour to our recognised patrons.

Thrifty Tips

To Sweeten Rancid Butter – Butter which has turned rancid in warm weather can easily be made fit for use again:- Melt the butter and skim it. Then put into it a piece of toast free from burn. In a few minutes it will lose its offensive taste and smell, which the toast has absorbed. Let it stand in a cool place, where it will firm again and be quite good tasted. Miss J. Smith, Monikie.

A Handy Hanger – If you require a coat-hanger at any time, try rolling an old newspaper crossways. Make a firm role and tie with a ribbon or string, leaving a loop at the top to hang it up. This makes an ideal hanger and very handy while on holiday. Mrs C. Ferries, Oldmeldrum.

The Beach Concert Hall, Carnoustie

Grand Gala Opening Performance
Friday 1st July, at 7.30
The Merrymakers
Concert Party
Admission – 1s 6d, 1s, 9d, 6d.
(Children half price)
Bookings at the hall.
Telephone No. 177 Carnoustie.

Sporting Notes

A large scale programme of yacht races, extending over five days, has been arranged by Royal Tay Yacht Club to mark the official opening of the season. Handsome prizes are offered. Outstanding attraction is the opening cruise this afternoon, when it is expected that 20 craft will cross the starting line about three o’clock.

With an aggregate scratch score of 161 the team of Dundee Telecommunications won the annual golf competition at the Angus group of Scottish Post Office Sports Association. They qualify for the Scottish Post Office championship.

What’s On at Dundee Cinemas & Theatres Next Week

Broadway – All week – Edgar Benyon, the New Zealand wizard of variety, assisted by Doris Suthern, in a one-man revue. Book now 3292.

Kinnaird – All Week – “Beg, Borrow or Steal” (U), with Frank Morgan, John Beal, Florence Rice. Also “Beyond the Law” (U) with Ricardo Cortez.

Playhouse – All Week – Pat O’Brien, Joan Blondell and Margaret Lindsay in “Back in Circulation” (A). Dick Foran (the singing cowboy) in “Devil’s Saddle Legion” (U).


All Ladies’ Summer Jumpers at special holiday prices.
Various styles in
Suede Crepe, Art. Silk,
Spun Silk, Taffeta and Locknit.
From 1/- to 5/11.
Wilson’s Bonanza
127, Overgate, Dundee
Phone 6397.

Special Holiday Bargains

Fibre Suitcases from 2/11.
Fibre Attache Cases from 1/11.
Picnic Outfits from 4/11.
The popular numbers in Optimus and Primus Stoves stocked.
Spare parts kept. Repairs promptly executed.
Cycle bags and straps, rug straps, meta fuel, spirit stoves &c.

M. T. Martin
199, Princes Street
68, Wellgate
118, High Street, Lochee.

Premier’s Dundee Freedom

Thursday, September 29, is the new date for the conferring of the freedom of Dundee on the Prime Minister, Mr A. Neville Chamberlain.

The ceremony, originally fixed for Tuesday, May 17, was cancelled because of the Premier’s indisposition.

Yesterday Lord Provost Phin received word that the Premier would be pleased to come on September 29, and he has replied that the date is eminently suitable.

The arrangement previously made will apply unchanged. The only public engagement then fixed were the presentation ceremony in the Caird Hall at midday and a Corporation lunch immediately thereafter.

The Prime Minister, however, had intended to spend the whole day in the city, and was to go on a tour both before and after the ceremony.

Jute Trade Unions – Proposed Amalgamation

A United body for Dundee’s jute and flax workers. Another effort to amalgamate the thousands of workers in the mills and factories is to be made at a meeting of the Jute and Flax Workers’ Union on Thursday.

The Jute and Flax Workers’ Union is the predominant society of the city, but there are several smaller unions for sectional workers in the industry, and it is with the view of gathering them all into one body that a motion is to be submitted at the annual meeting of the union.

The purpose is that the executive open up negotiations without delay with the other unions, with a view to effecting amalgamation.