September 1963

Beatles in Town

The visit to Dundee by the chart-topping Beatles is still three weeks away (writes jazz columnist Fraz). But judging by this week’s box office figures, everything points to a night unparalleled in the staid Caird Hall for quite some time.

The rush for tickets this week resulted in a second performance being arranged. An aggregate attendance of close on 5000 teenagers and curious Mums and Dads has been forecast for the two houses, emphasising the city’s willingness to support a top-class attraction.

Unfortunately, the blossoming into reality of the show has revived a dormant fear in local pop fans.

The big question being asked in coffee bars, offices and other meeting places this week has been “How are Dundonian audiences going to react to the raving Liverpudlians?”

Older fans, bearing in mind the Vincent/Cochrane and Tommy Steele fiascos, certainly feel there is cause for alarm, especially in the light of the recent wave of hooliganism. A new generation has moved into the teenage bracket since the last “Donnybrook” and numerous beat shows and dances have been promoted with little or no trouble.

But forewarned is forearmed. With the attendance likely to be in football crowd dimensions, precautions are essential to safeguard the enjoyment of the majority. The notoriety of Dundee audiences has almost been forgotten. Let’s keep it that way!

All That Jazz

A second all-star package show is planned for Dundee fans in November. Provisional bill-toppers will be The Searchers, supported by solo stars, Mark Wynter and Eden Kane. In event of negotiations breaking down, a standby package starring Gerry and the Pacemakers will appear.

Lights Out!

Excitement in the baths was at fever point the other night. Local water polo cracks, Whitehall, were at home in the National League to Scottish champs Portobello. Games are on a home-and-away basis and, after a 7-2 defeat in Edinburgh, Whitehall were in great form in their home pool. A win here and the clubs would have to meet for a play-off to decide the championship.

At the end of the third period Whitehall led 7-3. Then consternation – the lights went out! Officials frantically got together to discover the cause – but still the lights stayed out.

“Game abandoned” said the referee, and 14 crestfallen players left the water.

The tie is to be replayed at a later date suitable to both clubs.

Dundee’s Wee Tattoo!

On Tuesday the army’s biggest mobile display unit comes to Camperdown Park. Nicknamed KAPE (Keep the Army in the Public Eye), the three day display will feature a numbers of stands by the various corps and regiments and an evening arena show, described as Edinburgh Tattoo in miniature.

There will be music by the pipes and drums of the 400th Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1st Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the 4/5th Black Watch (T.A.) to open and close the evening shows.

Probably the highlight of the arena display will be displays by the internationally famous motor cycle teams of the Royal Signals and Royal Artillery.

Shiver Me Timbers – On The Move Again!

To the strains of “Auld Lang Syne”, the 139 year old H.M.S. Unicorn arrived at her new berth in Victoria Dock at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoon.

The journey of 300 years from Camperdown Dock went without a single hitch, and the old ship looked good for another 139 years as she arrived with her “escort” of tow tugs – and one wee rowing boat.

There is speculation that Victoria Dock might be her last berth, as the Admiralty are to build a shore training centre at Marine Parade for Tay Division, R.N.R., and the Unicorn will become redundant.

Dundee’s Top Ten

1. She Loves You – The Beatles
2. Bad to Me – Billy J. Kramer
3. It’s All in the Game – Cliff Richard
4. I Want to Stay Here – Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
5. Sweets for my Sweet – The Searchers
6. Legions Last Patrol – Ken Thorne
7. I’m Telling You Now – Freddie and the Dreamers
8. I’ll Never Get Over You – Johnny Kidd
9. Twist and Shout – Brian Poole
10.  Still – Karl Denver

Snack Bar in the Arcade

The latest in the city’s snack bars opened this week in the Arcade – appropriately called Arcadia. It will be a boon for shoppers in the busy thoroughfare with seating for 30.

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Letters Page

How I Stopped Smoking
I stopped smoking on Monday, May 7, 1962. The idea was to buy a car in March 1963. I also wanted to cure my smoker’s cough.

I went to work without money to make sure I would not buy cigarettes. I could not see myself sitting in the evening without a cigarette, so I went straight to bed at 6 p.m. This I continued for three days and on the fourth night I didn’t have to go to bed so early.

We haven’t got a car yet, but I’m still not smoking. I have no cough and never felt better – we are living in hope of that car for April 1964. – Mr R. Lawrence, 20, Glenmoy Avenue, Dundee.