November 1963

Great Stuff Dundee!

Apart from one isolated month in 1960, Dundee’s total of out-of-works is the smallest since 1956. That’s good news this morning.

If you want your glad tidings in figures, here goes:

Dundonians this week with a job to go to – 90,461.
Dundonians out of work – 2768.

Six months ago a worrying figure was 1360. That was the number of boys and girls who left school looking for work.

Of the 637 girls ONE has failed to find a job. Out of 723 boys, only 16 are still unplaced.

What about jute – the industry that still feeds more Dundee mouths than any other?
This was yesterday’s report: “There is no significant change. The jute industry is still very busy.”

Quote from Lord Provost Maurice McManus – “This is very good news – very good indeed. But we cannot afford to relax. Dundee must go on pressing for new industries.”

The Order of the Boot!

Big boots, wee boots, black boots, red boots, crocodile boots, leather boots – Dundee’s women are on the march with a vengeance.

It’s a craze which seemed to hit the country overnight – inspired by the “fantoosh” fashions of Cathie Gale in ITV’s “The Avengers.”

Or possibly it was a chilly recollection of the ice-age which hit the city earlier in the year. But whatever the cause, the boot craze has arrived. So, unfortunately, the womenfolk will not be showing an ankle this winter.

Still – they’re well prepared for the snow when it eventually arrives. Or will the fickle female fashion have changed yet again by then?

One local store took delivery of 400 pairs of boots last Friday. On Wednesday they had only six pairs left!

Gunman Kills President Kennedy

As a procession of cars toured Dallas, Texas, yesterday, a barrage of shots rang out. In the leading car President John Kennedy collapsed, shot in the head.

He was rushed to hospital, where the last rites were given. A short while late an official announced “The President is dead”.

Immediately a dragnet was thrown over the city.

Andy Does it Again!

Great news for all pop fans – the biggest package show ever to cross the border has been booked for Caird Hall in March.

And the man behind the deal, is once again Andy Lothian, Jun. He phoned from London yesterday to tell us he has signed up The Crystals (“And Then He Kissed Me”), Heinz, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, Dave Berry and the Cruisers, Marty Wilde and the Wildcats – all to appear on the one bill.

The show has been arranged in co-operation with Larry Parnes, one of the country’s top agents.

Yet another big show is lined up for Dundee in January, but final details have still to be made.

Pirate Transmission Heard in Dundee

Immediately after the close-down of B.B.C. television on Saturday, Radio Free Scotland – the pirate sound broadcasting station supporting Scottish Nationalism – announced a test transmission in connection with the Dundee West by-election.

The broadcast was picked up load and clear by listeners in Dundee. Good reception was also reported from St Andrews and Montrose.

This week a Nationalist spokesman said “At least two more broadcasts will be directed at Dundee next week – probably on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings”.

Dr J.C. Lees, Scottish Nationalist candidate said “Radio Free Scotland is an entirely separate organisation. It has no connection with the Nationalist Party. We welcome its activities, but of course it is entirely illegal.”

Every Monday the pirate station transmits to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Its apparatus is described as small, mobile, but powerful.

Location of the station is kept a close secret. Post Office engineers have the equipment for tracking down such broadcasting, but, despite the fact that Radio Free Scotland has been operating for the last half dozen years, no action has been taken.

Bright Tips 1963

Cold Cure – An onion chopped up finely and boiled in milk, taken last thing at night, is a grand cure for a cold. It also ensures a good night’s sleep. Miss Grieve, Galashiels.

Drip-Dries – To dry a drip-dry garment out of doors on a wet day, hang it inside a plastic bag with the open end down. Mrs M. Ogilvie, Aberdeenshire.

Gaumont Dundee

Tel: 22804
Last six days, continuous 2 p.m.
Alfred Hitchcock’s
“The Birds” Cert X.
From the story by Daphne Du Maurier
Rod Taylar, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette
And introducing ‘Tippi Hedren.

Caird Hall, Dundee

Thursday, November 7.
Gerry and the Pacemakers
Malcolm Clark and The Crestas,
Cathy Kirby, Cilla Black, Tommy Dene,
All-star Cast.
8 p.m.: 7/6 and 4/-.
Tickets may be obtained from the Malcolm Nixon Agency,
1, Commercial Street, Dundee.
Postal booking accepted if
accompanied by remittance and S.A.E.

Charles Gray (Builders) Ltd.

Building and Civil Engineering Contractors
4, Francis Street, Coldside, Dundee

Send a Bit of Old Dundee Abroad

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