April 1963

Corporation Shows the Way

The corporation has given a lead in the use of the Riverside Park airstrip. On Tuesday the first men associated with the corporation to use the air link for a business trip were Councillor Alex Soutar, convener of the Corporation Parks Committee and Mr A.S. Dow, parks director.They boarded Logan Air, Ltd’s Piper Aztec at noon and took off for Renfrew to join a B.E.A. flight to Belfast, where they were to attend a two-day parks conference.

They returned on Thursday afternoon.
Said Mr Dow  “We were probably the only delegates at the conference who were able to say that they had flown in form one of their own parks. The park airstrip is a facility few other local authorities can rival.”

Cleaning up the Steeple

Five local firms will be interviewed by the City Architect in connection with the proposed restoration of the Old Steeple. The cost is estimated to be anything up to £8000.

The corporation works committee approved a sub-committee recommendation that the architect should interview J.B. Hay & Co Ltd; Robert McNeil (Builders), Ltd; John McConnachie; Charles Gray (Builders), Ltd., and John Nicoll & Sons, the local firms most likely to be able to take on the work.

A report will be submitted to the Works Committee regarding the undertaking by one of these firms on a cost-plus basis.

In Next Week’s ‘Courier’

All the news of the
Royal Wedding
With a special
4-page souvenir of the Wedding on Thursday
Including Two Full Pages of Pictures
Tommy Gallacher in Milan
For the
Milan v Dundee
European Cup Semi-Final.
Read his pre-view articles from Milan on Tuesday and Wednesday
Plus his full report of the game with pictures on Thursday.

Murdoch’s Dream Come True

Frankie Vaughan’s visit to Dundee has fulfilled an ambition of Murdoch Wallace, Jun, son of the ballroom proprietor.

Since he was 14 Murdoch wanted to organise and present a star in the city. The chance came recently when he visited an agent friend in Glasgow. During the conversation, the agent mentioned he knew Frankie Vaughan had one date free in his tightly packed schedule – May 5.

He knew of Murdoch’s ambition and suggested he invite the star to make this one-night stand in Scotland.

Murdoch jumped at the chance and took the option on the May 5 date not knowing if he was able to get either of the two places capable of holding such a crowd – The Caird Hall or Green’s Playhouse – for the occasion.

Back in Dundee, Murdoch tried to book the Caird Hall only to be told he had been pipped by a few hours by a church organisation which had taken the hall for the day.

His only chance was Green’s Playhouse and when the manager told him “You haven’t got a chance – Sunday cinema you know”, Murdoch nearly collapsed.

Imagine having a top-class singing star confidently booked and with no place for him to sing!

But his gloom was relieved when the Playhouse manager checked his diary and found there was one free Sunday – yes, May 5!

“My lucky star must have been shining that day”, he can now laugh.

Now It Spring

The best people for cleaning your garments and furnishings are
Dudley’s of Dundee
Carpets – Curtains – Covers
Three-piece suites
And all upholstered furniture
Collected and Beautifully Cleaned Quickly
Ring Us For Details Now.
Tel. 22889.
Branches throughout the city.
Wellgate and Thorter Row Branches
Open all day Saturday.

Bight Tips 1963

Match Saver – Cut waxed bread wrappers or cereal packets into one-inch strips. Wind strips at an angle round a steel knitting needle, beginning at the knob end, and twist at the point to stop unwinding. Heat gently at the fire and slide the paper off quickly to make easy to light tapers. Mrs Gray, Oldmeldrum.

Try Vinegar – A little vinegar to stewing prunes greatly improves the flavour and lessens the quantity of sugar required when cooking them. N.N., Fife.

No Sticking – To prevent egg sticking to the pan, add a teaspoonful of flour to hot fat before frying. Mrs Thompson, Shetland.

Green’s Playhouse

Sunday, May 5.
Sam Wallace by Arrangement
With Chalmers Wood
Presents in Person
The Fabulous
“Frankie Vaughan”
With the “V” Group
A full supporting star cast.

Prices of admission – Stalls and Balcony, 12/6, 10/6, 7/6 and 5/-.
All seats bookable in advance.
Advanced booking opens
Saturday, April 13.
At Green’s Playhouse.

A Mystery Voice at Coal Shop

During the past winter Dundee folk have been able to order their coal supplies at any time of the day or night.

This has been made possible by an intriguing device installed by Taylor Brothers, 28, Yeaman Shore. It consists of two tape recorders, one with an empty spool and one with a short message recorded on it.

Incoming phone calls are answered by a recorded voice announcing that the customer is connected to the robot ordering service. The voice goes on to say “Please speak clearly. Speak now”.

Once the customer has stopped speaking there is a pause of 10 seconds and the voice announces that the message has been received and will be attended to in the morning.

As well as for coal orders, the device has some other uses. The firm’s travellers sometimes use it to in their reports. Instructions can be left at night by the manager for attention in the morning.

A similar machine can be used by doctors who have to be on call at all hours.

Rental of the “automatic phone girl” costs about £1.10 a week.

Top Ten Club

Sunday at 7 p.m.
No one must miss this final appearance prior
To his return to Australia.

Comfort Coaches

Travel by Thomson’s Coaches
(Prop. James Thomson)
Arranging an outing is our business.
To travel in comfort and safety is our concern.
We offer you Luxury Coaches at Moderate cost.
Church Outings and Theatre Parties a speciality.
Please send for a brochure.

22, 29, 38 and 41 seaters available.
Catering arrangements part of our service.
Inquiries Invited…
111, South Road, Lochee.
Phone 67201/2.

Taylor Brothers have found that the system hasn’t been used by customers as often as they had expected, but there are always call on record in the morning.