July 1963

The Jute Crisis

Angus Hotel

After a two and a half hour meeting between the Board of Trade and employers and employees on the jute industry, it was predicted this week that over the next two years the mark-up for imported jute goods will be reduced from 20 to 5 per cent.

Such a move, it is forecast, could put 6000 workers on the dole.

The Board of Trade meeting was private. The predictions are meantime conjecture.
Over the past half century Dundee’s jute industry has been threatened repeatedly with crisis and always survived.

Indeed, since the war it has shown such shrewdness and enterprise that it was never more strongly rigged to cope with stormy weather.

Bear in mind, too, that Dundee is designated by the Government as a development area. It would be a strange definition of development to threaten the livelihood of 6000.

If pressure from abroad and from anti-jute sections at home, is so great, would the wise move not be subsidise Dundee for work instead of idleness?

If the protection to the industry gives offence elsewhere, should not the elimination of that protection be gradual and humanitarian?

Next week we may get beyond the crystal-ball stage. On Thursday Mr Alan Green, Minister of State, will meet in Dundee with Mr George Thomson, M.P., the Lord Provost, jute trade representative and Chamber of Commerce.

Places like Kirriemuir, Forfar, Brechin, Carnoustie, Tayport and Monifieth are in this as well. That is why their Lord Provosts will be invited.

The threat to jute could strengthen the sense of community throughout the area.

And for Dundee the rest of the industrial picture this week was far from black. Three orders booked by local firms added up to a total of £5 million!

The two Port liners to be built in the Caledon Yard will cost well over £3 million.

Messrs Briggs are to build 4½ miles of dual carriageway in the Carse of Gowrie at a cost of over £800,000, and the latest Pakistan machinery order secured by the T.C. Keay group is worth nearly £600,000.

Bon Voyage!

This afternoon just can’t come quick enough for 796 youngsters from Dundee, Perth and Angus.

At 3 p.m. they leave Dundee Harbour on board the luxury ship Devonia en route for Russia and Scandinavia. For 14 exciting days they will visit lands and cities until now just names in the geography books – Oslo, Leningrad, Moscow, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

The ship, chartered by Dundee Corporation, slipped quietly into the Tay early on Thursday morning. It will be a different story when she leaves this afternoon!

Yesterday was visiting ship day, giving parents a chance to see over the ship. This was followed by a cocktail party given on board by Lord Provost Maurice McManus. And from 8 until midnight over 350 guests danced the night away at the Lord Provost’s Charity Ball in aid of The Freedom from Hunger Campaign.

Although the school holidays have started, the youngsters on board will still willingly attend classes!

The ship’s educational staff give introductory lectures before arrival at each port and voluntary classes in navigation, deck sports and group activities ranging from water polo to public speaking competitions will be arranged.

English-speaking guides are arranged at each port, and local children are invited on board. They will mingle with the Scottish youngsters watching films, having sing-song or dancing on deck.

On board will be 45 members of the Dundee Schools’ Orchestra, who are putting on a concert for the Russians in the Palace of Arts.

A schools choir will woo the Russians with Scottish folk songs and country dancers will set the feet tapping with eightsome reels, dashing white sergeant and all the rest of them.

Devonia is commanded by Commodore B.A. Rogers, D.S.C, R.D, R.N.R. The ship’s company of over 300 officers and ratings include tow surgeons, matrons and stewardess in addition to educational staff.

Apart from films and lectures there is plenty to do on board. Facilities include a recreation room, reading room with over 1000 books, a large games room, photographic dark room, laundrette, heated swimming pool, tuck ship and a juke box with eighty of the latest “pop” records!

Bright Tips 1963

Fresh Suitcase – To remove the musty smell for old suitcases, place inside a piece of cotton wool soaked in lavender perfume, and leave shut for a few hours. Mrs Penman, Dunfermline.

Gooseberry Jam – When making gooseberry jam, put the fruit through the mincer. The jam sets firmer and there are no coarse skins. Miss Brockie, Eyemouth.

Use a Nylon – Put a yellow duster inside an old, clean nylon stocking and use to polish mirror and windows. This leaves now steaks or marks. Miss Brockie, Eyemouth.

Built-in Music

I stepped into a friend’s kitchenette last week to be greeted by sweet music. But I couldn’t see any sign or a radio or loudspeaker.

I was baffled until I concentrated on the cooker my friend had just installed. It had a sever-transistor radio built into the fascia panel.

The maker have just brought out other fittings – a fan heater that becomes part of the cooker. This can be added in minutes and operates through the time switch. Set overnight, it switches on automatically in the morning to heat the kitchenette in winter or cool in the summer.

This fitting can be had for £8.

Your Holiday Films

Deserve Our Expert Colour and Black and White Developing and Printing Service.
Hand viewers from 5/-.
Whitehall Street, Dundee. Telephone 26061 (extension 33).

Holidays Are Here

Get With It on a Bicycle
Agent for: Reg Harris, Viking, Claud Butler,
Dawes, Raleigh, B.S.A., Triumph, Sun, &c.

Western Cycle Depot,
316, Hawkhill,
Phone 67148.

Dundee Repertory Theatre

At Camperdown Park
A Pot-Pourri of Theatrical Items
Wednesday, July 17
For two weeks.
Evenings at 7.30 p.m.
Matinee on Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.
Now performance on Sunday evening.
Box Office Telephone:
Dundee 23530.

The Howff

Excellence – that could well be the motto of this exceptional restaurant.

Established more than four years ago, The Howff has enjoyed a glowing reputation for sheer excellence in choice foods and in their preparation.

The Lounge Bar/Resaurant is ideally suited for
Supper and Dinner Parties.
Tables may be booked in advance.

Snap Lunches for busy business people go down extremely well and are served from twelve o’clock on.

Try The Howff Restaurant next time.
33, Constitution Road, Dundee.
Booking by telephone to Dundee 26424.
Parking a plenty opposite the restaurant in the city’s new parking site.

Dundee Lad Joins Southport

Bobby Scott, the former Violet, Cardiff and Newport back, has signed for Southport. He was expected to join Bradford City, but the Yorkshire club could not provide a house.

Southport were quick to move in. While they could not give Bobby a house immediately, they are to find him one.

Top Ten Club

Palais, Tay St
Sunday at 7 p.m.
Two Fabulous English Groups!!
Dynamic Fireball XL5 Man,
Don Spencer
And the Fireballs

And the tremendously
Popular Swinging Guys
From London
Decca Stars
Wayne Gibson
And the
Dynamic Sounds

Admission 4/-.
New members welcome.