February 1928

More Telephone Kiosks

Slowly but surely the telephone kiosk equipment in the city is being improved and brought up to date. Hardly a month passes but the Post Office authorities are making application for permission to erect a new kiosk somewhere or other, and in the course of time all districts will be fully supplied. It is possible to put through trunk calls from kiosks these days - provided you have the exact change - and it is observed that another improvement, the installation of electric lights in the kiosks, is spreading over the suburbs.

Strange Mishap

A curious mishap befell Helen Yates (3), 124 Overgate, Dundee, on Monday evening. While she was playing with a number of small marbles she inserted one into her left nostril. Her mother was unable to remove it and the girl had to be taken to the infirmary, where the marble was successfully removed.

Fry's Cartets

Suit all pockets - just right in size and price
And what delicious chocolate; Fry's Cube Block, so good, such handy pieces!
Valencia, Fruit & Nut, Belgrave and Somerdale
Only 6d each

Caird Hall Performance

The Dundee Amateur Choral Union gave their annual concert in the Caird Hall, Dundee, on Wednesday night before an almost crowded house, the works performed being Brahms' "Song of Destiny" and Elgar's "The Dream of Gerontius".

This great oratoria makes heavy demands on everyone concerned - soloists, choir and orchestra. The score when written was one of the most complicated and elaborate of its time, and remains to this day indescribably brilliant in places.

Successful Dance

An enjoyable dance was held on Wednesday in Kidd's Rooms, South Linday Street, under the auspices of the Dundee Border Counties Association, when there was a company to the number of almost 400 present. Mr French, President of the Association, presided, and the duties of M.C. were undertaken by Messrs Crosbie (Convener), Smith & Dickinson. Mr Creighton, Secretary of the Association, was responsible for the excellent arrangements.

A Chance for Boys

Boys between 14 and 17 can receive board, wages, a good home, free farm training, a free passage to Canada, and can qualify for a £500 start at 21. What a chance for a boy! Apply for particulars to Alex McOwan, Canadian National Railways, 75 Union Street, Glasgow.

Many Applicants

The number of young people who, during the past fortnight, have called at the City Chambers for an application form for municipal appointments is remarkably high. It is no easy thing nowadays getting a job "wi the Corporation". You must have good education and must go through a stiffish exam, even although you are merely aspiring to a junior clerkship. It is anticipated that during the year there will be six junior make and seven junior female appointments to be made, and the examination in English and Arithmetic is to be held on 11th February.

Try These Sandwiches

The very nicest sandwich filling I have tasted is made by mixing grated orange rind with an equal amount of butter and a small amount of orange juice. These sandwiches are popular for afternoon tea, or for serving with lemonade at an evening party.

Charge Against City Man

Mr G (34), Labourer, Dallfield Walk, Dundee, who is charged with having assaulted his wife with an axe, appealed before Sheriff Malcolm on Tuesday, and was committed to Perth Prison for observation. Dr Forbes, Police Surgeon, certified that he had examined accused on January 23rd and also on Monday, and on both occasions had found him to be an insane person.

City's Tribute to Earl Haig

Impressive Service in St Mary's - One of Ourselves
Dundee paid its tribute to the memory of Earl Haig yesterday, when a memorial service was held in St Mary's Parish Church, at which attended Lord Provost High, the Magistrates, members of the Town Council, and representatives of all the public bodies in the city, together with a large number of the general public.

The citizens had an especial interest in the late Field-Marshal, for apart from the fame which he won on the field of battle Earl Haig was a freeman of the city - one of ourselves. This honour was conferred upon him on 15th May, 1919.

He had paid several visits to the city, the last being in May of last year, when he took part in the annual conference of the British Legion, when, as on every occasion opportunity permitted, he appealed on behalf of the ex-service men.

The service in St Mary's, though simple, was impressive. Chopin's funeral march was played by Ms Low while the congregation were assembling, and the service opened with the singing of "The Lord's My Shepherd".