June 1928

Hit on the Head with a Bottle

John Easson and James Breslin, two schoolboy cousins, living at the same address in Lochee were amusing themselves throwing stones onto a rubbish dump at the side of South Road.

The appearance of a rat aroused the latent spirit of the hunter in Easson's breast. He picked up a broken bottle instead of the missile he had formerly being using and threw it at the rat. The missile flew wide of the intended mark and hit his chum on the back of the head. Breslin had to be taken to DRI to get a stitch inserted in the wound.

For Sale

Don't wear a truss! Use Brooks Rupture Appliance. New discovery .. Wonderful! No lumpy pads, no springs, durable, cheap. Binds and draws parts together quickly. Sent on trial. Write to: Brook Appliances, 80 Chancery Lane, London.

Dundee Business Club

The members of Dundee Business Club held their annual outing to Edzell on Wednesday, when the annual golfing competition for the Buist Silver Cup and the annual bowling tournament took place.

The golfing trophy was won by J.E. Robertson with (92-16) 72, while the runner up was W.R. McNiven (89-12) 77.

The rank comprising Geo. Burnett, T.M. Sparks, L. Farran and T.R. Murray (Skip) won the bowling tournament with two wins and one draw. Four ranks took part.


150 boys wanted to sail on White Star SS "Vedic", 6th October, Salavation Army auspices. Enter for preliminary farm training in this country during August. Outfits provided. Assisted passages. Also 150 young women wanted for domestic work. Free passages. Work guaranteed. Write or call: Branch Manager, 203 Hope Street, Glasgow.

Endurance Test

One of the oldest of a series of endurance tests in dancing in Australia was a dance by Mr Eric Sunderland, from Geelong to Melbourne a distance of 45 miles, which he completed in 11½ hours.

Mr Sunderland followed the main macadam highway, which was muddy for most of the distance. He danced with rough vigour, tiring out a succession of girl partners.

Gramophones on accompanying cars supplied the music.

Mr Sunderland who is a noted long distance walker finished at the Melbourne Dance Hall.

Strawberry Mould

If you have strawberries in your garden then you won't grudge having this for dessert. Take some slices of thin bread and butter or stale slices of sponge cake. Line a basin with these then fill nearly up with ripe strawberries, sprinkling a little sugar over each layer. Make a nice custard with two eggs, one pint of milk and some sugar to taste. Pour this in and put away in a cool place to set.

Lemons for Beauty

  • Equal parts of lemon juice and glycerine will soften and whiten rough hands.
  • Plain lemon juice cures warts, cleans the nails and removes stains.
  • The juice of half a lemon in the rinsing water but one, brightens the hair and checks dandruff.
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice strained into a pint of rosewater is a cheap sunburn lotion.
  • Unsweetened lemon juice drunk in hot water before breakfast often cures a bilious headache.

Wife Beater Sent to Prison

Sentenced to two months imprisonment was passed on Mr B, farm servant, Huntingfaulds, Tealing by Sherriff Malcolm at Dundee on Thursday.

Mr B was charged with breaking the bond of probation upon which he was placed on 10th February for having assaulted his wife, Mary, by striking her, knocking her against a wall, and pulling her about.

Mrs B said that since her husband was last in court his behaviour had not improved. He struck her repeatedly and demanded money from her. On Saturday 19th May he threatened to strike her, and she had to seek shelter from a neighbour.

Mrs M who resided next to them when they were removed from Huntingfaulds to Balshannon, Lundie said accused was a torture to everyone around the place.

Junior Football Match

An amusing, but nevertheless annoying incident occurred during the progress of one of the junior football matches on Rockwell Park. One of the goals is in close proximity to the rear of the tenement houses at the back of the Law, and one of the players, whose shooting powers were not in conformity with his idea of distance, sent the ball soaring well over the bar and out of the field of play.

Suddenly a loud crash was heard and, lo, the ball vanished through the bathroom window of one of the houses. An irate householder quickly appeared on the scene and retained custody of the ball.

Pleading was of no avail, so another ball had to be secured to allow the game to proceed. When the window had been repaired the ball was returned to its rightful owner.

Highland Gathering

Leven and District Highland Gathering (under the auspices of the British Legion) will be held at Damhead Park, near Leven on Tuesday 17th July, 1928.

The events include 120 yards, 220 yards, 440 yards, 880 yards and 1 mile foot races (handicap) also youths 2 mile marathon race. Also all the usual heavy events.

Entries to Hon Secretary before 7th July, 1928.