January 1928

City's Welcome to 1928 - Enormous Crowd Gather on High Street

Dundee ushered in the New Year in boisterious fashion, and the crowd which congregated on the High Street was the biggest seen for several years. High Street was thronged by the mass of merrymakers, who also filled Reform Street for a considerable part. In the main the crowd was composed of the younger generation, keeping alive the traditions of New Year's eve in Scotland, and they disported themselves in lively style.

They found amusement in purchasing the "lucky first-fits" in the shape of decorated red herring or in whirling fireworks through the air - a thrilling but sometimes dangerous practice.

Outburst of Cheering

The chiming of the midnight hours on the Old Town House clock was the signal for an outburst of cheering. Very cold, with keen frost the weather was seasonable, and 1928 was not many minutes old before the huge crowd had scattered in all directions to carry out first-footing expeditions.

Regarded from the police point of view, the Hogmanay celebrations were of an orderly nature, but, nevertheless, between 20 and 30 persons who had lost their sense of direction in the use of the "bottle" as part of the equipment for New Year observance found themselves in the hands of the authorities. The staff of the Royal Infirmary were kept busy attending casualties caused by falls on Hogmanay and New Year's morning, the injuries sustained being mainly of a minor nature, although in a few cases the falls resulted in broken bones.

Dundee's New Pensioners - The First 2,000

The first payments under the new contributory pensions scheme were made on Thursday throughout the country.

The recipients, who number nearly half a million, are between the ages of 65 and 70, and they are entitled, as insured men and women, to 10s a week under the Contributory Pensions Act of 1925, which came into force at the New Year.

In Dundee the officials at the Central Post Office and the various sub-offices were kept busy on Thursday making the initial payments.

It is estimated that in Dundee there are about 2000 new pensioners.

Caird Hall Peeping Out

Now that the old buildings have been cleared away a better view of the Caird Hall is available from the High Street. At close range the real massiveness of the Caird Hall frontage is not so apparent as at a distance. The square as it will be in the course of time can now be visualised, and when operations on the east wing extension start in earnest the possibilities of the square will be even more apparent.

Arcade and Market

Open Daily
'Pride of London' corn cure, 1s box
'Poli-varn Polish', best for books, harness & c
Agent - Koppel, Arcade, Dundee

Assured Employment in the Army

Start at 14/- per week, plus free food, free clothing, free games, free doctoring, free accommodation and education. Subsequent rises for profiency and promotion, which is easy to obtain by hard work and intelligence. Good leave on full pay, plus about 10/- per week in lieu of rations. Above all, by enlisting in Scottish Regiments you serve with "oor ain folk".

Illustrated pamphlets obtainable at any Post Office in Scotland, or full details from any Barracks, Recruiting Officer or Territorial Army Drill Halls.

Lantern Lecture

The monthly meeting of Dundee Photographic Society was held in the YMCA Hall on Thursday night, when Mr Smart delivered an interesting lecture entitled "The Bible Story and the Great Painters" illustrating his address with many beautiful slides depicting the works of the great masters.

Domestic Economy - Evening Continuation Classes

YWCA, 33 Tay Street and 40 Albert Street
Classes in crockery, dress-making, tailoring, white seam, embroidery and millinery. Advanced classes 5s one subject, 3s each extra one. Beginners' classes 2s 6d one subject, 1s each extra one.

Housemaid Wanted

Experienced general would suit. Salary commences at £50 per annum, with board, lodging, laundry and uniform. Three weeks annual holiday on full pay as well as weekly time off. Deduction made from salary and allowances according to the Superannuation Act of 1909 for purpose of pension. Apply, stating age, experience, and giving references, to Matron, Mental Hospital, Melrose.

Infectious Diseases

There were 120 cases of diphtheria reported in Dundee during December, compared with 92 in November. Cases of chicken pox increased from 64 to 84, whooping cough from 28 to 41, and acute primary pneumonia from 39 to 84. Measles showed a decline from 54 to 35, and scarlet fever from 34 to 19. In all, 415 cases of infectious diseases were reported in December, as against 353 in November, and 409 in December 1926.

Your Rubber Gloves

The life of a pair of rubber gloves can be greatly prolonged by proper care. Wash and rinse thoroughly after each using, dry by patting with a soft towel while on the hands, and dust with talcum powder to remove the last traces of moisture. Then turn wrong side out, and again dust with talcum to absorb all traces of moisture due to contact with the hands. Any tears or cuts should be mended immediately with patches of adhesive tape applied to the under-side. When the ends of the fingers begin to show wear, turn the gloves and use them the other side out, the left glove thus becoming the right, and vice versa.