January 1963

Inferno on the Wharf

Damage estimated at £400,000 was done when fire engulfed the “Yankee Shed” at King George Wharf yesterday.

The shed housed about 12,000 bales of jute, values at £250,000. It was the biggest jute blaze in Dundee for many years.The fire spread just after eight o’clock as a squad of porters and dockers prepared to start lifting jute.

The 8511-ton British India liner Nardana was manhandled clear of the berth. Her crew manned the ship’s hoses and sprayed the walls of the shed until the fire brigade arrived.

The Nardana had completed the discharge of a 21,000 bale cargo on Thursday night and sailed later yesterday.

There was a flare up near the centre of the shed and within seconds a tier of jute had “gone like a bomb”.

The flames travelled among the jute, which was piled high in many parts of the shed. The entire building was quickly engulfed.

The full strength of the brigade under Firemaster John Jackson, tackled the blaze from four sides. Reinforcements were brought in from Carnousite, Monifieth and Arbroath.

Five men who made an unsuccessful assault on the fire all retreated successfully before the advancing smoke and flames, except one of the dockers, Mr William Robertson (56), he had collapsed and was pulled to safety by firemen.

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Returning the Compliment

Seven thousand Dundonians crammed the City Square. Seventy-five per cent were junior citizens – Dundonians with the young idea.

As this was Hogmanay – a time for going just that bit daft, a time that sometimes leads to trouble when the daft mood gets out of hand.

But what happened as Samuel’s clock began to register the passing of a year?

The Lord and Lady Provost sought to pass through the mob. And it parted politely to make a comfortable lane, some jolly souls shouted, “Good old McManus!”

The First Citizen’s New Year greetings were brief and honest Of 1962 he said:-

“It has not been a great year for Dundee, but it has not been a bad one either”

And of 1963 – “If we all pull together it could well be the year when we can truly throw up the bonnets”

That great congregation clapped. Sometimes they cheered. At one of the Provost’s phrases –“in this the best city in the country” the roar was worthy of Tannadice.

But here’s the point – all the clapping and cheering came at the right times. There were no catcalls. No disrespectful interruptions. No occasion of the Hogmanay spirit getting out of hand.

Police officials described the crowd as the best-behaved in memory. At least two strangers marvelled at the disciplined, good-natured scene and suggested it could happen nowhere else.

And before the year was very much older the Lord Provost saw fit to make this statement – “To let this exemplary behaviour pass unnoticed would be a great mistake. “I want to congratulate our younger citizens on what can be best described as a tremendous loyalty to the city.”

Immediately, he started making plans to return the compliment. And his scheme-in-chief is to throw a Dundee 21st birthday party. The venue will be the Caird Hall. There will be coffee and dancing.

The idea is that the new full-scale citizens – all those who in the previous 12 months have reached the 21 milestone, - should get together with the Lord Provost and councillors and be made aware that this really is the best city.

Dundee Repertory Theatre

Nicoll Street, Dundee
Until Saturday January 12.
Grand Christmas Pantomime
Dick Whittington
With Campbell Godley as Idle Jack.
Tonight at 7.30 p.m.
Box Office: Ph. Dundee 23530.

Pat Takes the Stand

Dundee goalkeeper Pat Liney gets a chance next Wednesday night to entertain in a different field – as a singer at the J.M. Ballroom.

He has been booked to render a few ballads at a new departure for the ballroom a night reserved for dancers in the 20 to 30 age group.

Pat will be backed by the orchestra and by a fair sprinkling of the Dens Park playing staff, who already know his prowess as a vocalist.

With a fair measure of support it is hoped to form a club for the 20 to 30s with a regular night reserved for them in the ballroom.

Rise for Dundee Jute Workers

Higher wages for the 14,000 jute workers in Dundee and district were announced after an all-day sitting of the Jute Wages Council on Wednesday.

The council were considering an application for a 10 per cent, pay increase. After the meeting which was in private, the following agreed award was announced:-

A 5s per week increase in minimum rates for both male and female employees, followed by a general increase of three per cent on operative rates.

This means that all those whose earnings are presently under new minimum of £8 10s 3d for men and £5 18s 5d for women will be raised to that level, on top of which they will receive a three per cent increase.

All other workers whose operative rates are above the new minimum will receive the three per cent increase.

New minimum rates for a 43-hour week will now be £8 15s 4d for men (an increase of 10s 1d) and £6 2s for women (increase 8s 7d).

But the vast majority of operatives are above these.

Juvenile rates will be increased proportionately.

The increases will mean an additional £197,000 a year on the jute industry’s wage bill, bringing it up to £6½ million.

The new rates will become operative on publication of the appropriate order, which usually takes about three months.

Decision That Will Please Fans

Stewart Fraser’s request for a transfer was turned down by the Dundee United directors at their meeting yesterday.

Fraser shocked manager Jerry Kerr on Tuesday when he walked into his office and asked for a transfer.

The Aberdeen lad is not saying much about his decision but he made it clear that his is not discontented with his lot at Tannadice.

After the directors’ decision Mr Kerr had a talk with Stewart and the player was quite happy.

In fact, I’m certain he will forget all about his request and will settle down. After all, he can go to few better clubs than United.

The United fans will be pleased at the decision to retain Fraser for his is a strong and cultured player and with Tommy Neilson and Doug Smith makes up one of the best half-back lines in the league. It would have been a pity to see it broken.

Fraser came from Banks o’ Dee and, during his time with United did two years’ service with the army. He took part in the Edinburgh tattoo.

He was capped last season against the English League and this season played against the Irish League. He set up a record for a half-back by being the first to score a “hat-trick” in an international.

China Painting

Mr and Mrs Lindsay invite
Teachers and Ladies interested n
This fascinating craft to a
Special Showing of China and Pottery
At Mathers Hotel
Saturday, January 12,
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Gaumont Dundee

His latest and most hilarious!
Norman Wisdom
As the Copper who comes a Cropper!
“On The Beat” (u)
Also Starring Jennifer Jayne, Raymond Huntley, David Lodge.
1.55, 5.20, 8.50.

Bright Tips 1963

Remove Marks – If coat collars or felt hats become marked with grease, rub them with eucalyptus oil. M Murray, Lockerbie.

Soft Rubber – When filling a hot water bottle for the first time, add a teaspoonful of glycerine to the water. The rubber will then remain soft. Mrs Milne, Aberdour.

Dripping Tap – A piece of string tied around a dripping tap will allow the water to run down it quietly into the sink. Mrs Coyle, Mauchline.