September 1938

Dundee City Clubs and Keep-Fit Grants Farce

Dundee clubs have received a rude shock in connection with the Giving of grants under the Government “fitness” campaign.

Interest in the scheme was aroused in the “People’s Journal” a fortnight ago. Inquiries from various sources have been made at the Dundee centre, where Mr H.N. Wilson is in charge of the “drive”.

So many snags have been encountered, however, that as far as the majority of local organisations are concerned the scheme might as well not exist.

Conditions governing the giving of grants make it impossible for clubs to take advantage of them. Hundreds of individuals, too, who are interested in the scheme, have discovered that they are not eligible. They are not members of any athletic or recreational club, and grants are not available to other than existing organisations.

Yet another snag has been encountered by established clubs which are already in possession of equipment but have no qualified instructor.

The act does not provide for the appointing of paid instructors and Mr Wilson is finding it almost impossible to get suitable people willing to give their services voluntarily.

A member of Scottish Men’s Physical Training Association, with whom I discussed the question, described the whole scheme as “a perfect farce”.

“Until 100 per cent grants are available, adequate facilities for the playing of games, starting of clubs and so on, offered and competent paid instructors are provided, the scheme will never achieve anything” he said,

“As far as Dundee clubs are concerned, there is very little incentive to apply for grants.

“The maximum grant offered certainly will not exceed 75 per cent, and will probably be far less. Take, for example, a football club anxious to improve their clubrooms. The cost is to be £100. A grant of £75 is offered if the club provides the balance.

“What club in Dundee is able to do this? Most of the organisations are composed of young working men and women who have comparatively little to spend on games and games facilities. And yet these people are keenly interested in sport.

It is grossly unfair that they should be asked to pay even part of the capital costs of pavilions; tennis court or gymnasium, far less the whole of the annual upkeep after the initial grant has been given.

Timber Housing Scheme Hustle

The foundations for the timber houses to be erected at Linlathen are now being laid. The ships laden with timber for the 540 houses will shortly be on their way, and the first house will be completed by the 1st of January.

An elaborate schedule has been drawn up by the contractors, Solid Cedar Homes, Ltd., Hull, and the dates for every detail of the building programme are fixed on a chart.

It gives the dates when the preliminary work starts, when the timber will arrive, when the fabrication operations and the actual building will commence, and son on right to the day when the first house will be completed.

The operations are divided on the chart into those that may be held up by weather and those that can be gone on irrespective of the weather.

The timber is due to arrive in the last week of October. The erection of the walls is dated to commence in the middle of November and the first house, as has been said, will be completed by the beginning of January.

The remainder of the houses will be built in progressive stages. Fifty will be completed by the beginning of February, 90 will be built early in March and in the months following the production will be at the rate of 100, 150 and 150.

The entire scheme, according to schedule, will thus be completed by the beginning of June.

As each block of houses is completed it is ready for occupation. The probability of a hold-up though stress of weather is less likely in case of timber houses than of those constructed of brick.

Frost, on of the bugbears of the building trade, does not hinder the building of timber houses.

The prospects are that by early summer Linlathen will have completely lost its present rural aspect and become a residential area.

Teatime is Keillertime

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Apple Trifle

This is a very tempting-looking sweet.
Take four sponges, 1 lb apples, a little milk, almond essence, sugar, red currant jelly, 2 whites of eggs, cream, rind and juice of half a lemon.

Split the sponge cakes in half. Arrange them in a dish and pour over them the milk, to which a few drops of almond essence have been added. Peel, core and quarter the apples and cook with sugar to taste, add the rind and strained juice of half a lemon. Then put through a hair sieve. When cold whisk the whites of 2 eggs to a stiff froth and beat the pulp till frothy. Then whip together, adding a little castor sugar if required. Pile this mixture over the sponge cakes and decorate with blobs of red currant jelly and cream.

Miss Hilltown

Of the “People’s Journal”
will visit Top o’ the Hill Shops today…

Miss Hilltown is visiting:
Laverty’s, 124, Hilltown.
Myles, 136, Hilltown.
Donald Cameron, 246, Hilltown.
Martin, 226, Hilltown.
A. Brown, 122a, Hilltown.
Smith & Horner, 186-192, Hilltown.
Kirkcaldy Linoleum Stores, 281, Hilltown.

Green’s Playhouse

Nethergate, Dundee
Daily from 1 o’clock, doors open 12.45.
Monday 5th September - and all week
Akim Tamiroff and Gail Patrick in
“Dangerous to Know” (A)
Lew Ayres and Louise Campbell in
“Scandel Street” (u)
Reduces prices until 4 o’clock.

Masonic Building to be Sold

Dundee Masonic Buildings, South Tay Street, are to be exposed for sale by public roup on September 30. The extensive property includes the Masonic meeting hall and rooms, the Masonic clubrooms, the palais de danse, &c.

The public sale will take place in the offices of Mr John Ross, solicitor, 61, Reform Street, Dundee. The assessed rental in £750 and the upset price is £22,000.

It was learned yesterday that the property is being offered for sale by the trustees of the Dundee Masonic Temple Trust.

Lambert and Butler

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New Ground for Harp F.C

Harp Football Club may be given ground at Balfield Park capable of providing a full-size pitch and accommodation for 20,000 spectators.

The Corporation Parks Department at present have a number of public pitches there, and this week a sub-committee of the Parks Department visited the park, along with two Harp representatives - Mr George Walls, president, and Mr J. Malone.

Previously the party had inspected a strip of grass-land lying between Balgay Cemetery and Glamis Road, but it was found too marrow for Harp’s ambitious plans. Mr Walls stated that Balfield Park was the only convenient ground to be had and that if Harp were given a lease of part of it they were prepared to lay out a first class football park.

The sub-committee decided that a plan should be obtained from the City Engineer, showing the necessary portion of ground marked off at the railway side of the park and showing how many public pitches, 100 by 50 yards, could be put on the remaining ground.

Treasurer Caldwell, who made that motion, thought they might also have to make something in the nature of a playground for the children of Beechwood housing scheme. He thought they were all favourable to the ground being given to Harp, provided it did not squeeze the others out.

Cooking With Gas

You are invited to attend a series of
Gas Cookery Demonstrations
In you Gas Showrooms
Commercial Street
September 5th – 16th (inclusive)
Demonstrations at 3 p.m. & 7 p.m
Each day
By Miss M.K. Gompertz, M.C.A.
(Of messrs R & A. Main. Ltd.)
- will prove that the latest gas cookers reduce
Gas bills, increase leisure time, improve cooking.
Ladies you are all welcome.