August 1938

Overgate Demolitions “Finds”

Demolition work in the Overgate, Dundee, has brought to light several interesting features of the city as it used to be.

Most unusual of these is a 12-foot well discovered below a shop, which has stood there for over 100 years. While demolishing the property the workmen came of the well, which was about four feet in diameter. On investigation they discovered that it had been partly filled in some time and contained no water. They immediately filled in the remaining 12 feet and no trace can now be seen of the well.

Recently a second well was discovered within a short distance of the latest find. With the disappearance of the old buildings there has also come to light part of an old burial ground which formerly stood on the site. The “finds” have evoked great interest in the neighbourhood.

Dundee Again “On the Air”

Special to “People’s Journal”
Another Dundee broadcast will be given shortly, but not of the same type as the “Discoveries” gave a week ago.

This time it will be a recorded impression of a Dundee industry in full swing – with appropriate noises “off” and “on”.

The firm selected by the B.B.C. to give a sound impression of its activities is the Wisbech Produce Canners, Ltd., Kingsway.

Mr Keay, the manager, told me that recently he has had an interview with a representative of the B.B.C. concerning the broadcast.

This week he had received a letter confirming the arrangement, and the recording van will be at the Kingsway works early in September to make records of sounds made by the different machines used in the factory.

There will also be interviews with Mr Keay and other descriptive of the various processes involved.

The recorded version will be reproduced during one of the evening programmes later on.

Another Order for Caledon

Third This Month
An order for a twin screw motor tender has been received by the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Ltd., Dundee, from the Northern Lighthouse Board.

This is the third order placed with the Caledon this month.

The new vessel will be 200 feet in length, and will be propelled by twin screw Diesel machinery. It will have a speed of 13 knots.

This is the first time that the Caledon Company has received an order from the board, which also goes under the name of the Commissioners of Northern Lights.

With headquarters in Edinburgh, the board has control of the lighting of the coasts and rivers of Scotland, as well as the appointment of lighthouse-keepers. It has a vessel which goes around the coast supervising the work.

On 1st August Dundee Harbour Board accepted the Caledon Company’s offer for a new Abertay light vessel, while on Tuesday this week it was announced that they had received an order to build a 6000-ton cargo vessel for Australian owners.


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Dundee Horticultural Society

112th Annual
Flower Show
Riverside Park, Dundee,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
25th, 26th, 27th August
To be opened on Thursday at two o’clock
The Hon. Mrs J. Duthac Carnegie.
Chairman – Ex Bailie Findlay Lesslie,
D.L., J.P., President.
Music will be provided by
His Majesty’s 2nd Battalion The
Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Eight Sons’ Memorial to Father

Dundee Family’s Novel Tribute
A novel memorial is being erected in a Dundee church. It is a tribute to Sir George Ritchie, a noted Dundee citizen, and Lady Ritchie by their eight sons.

Sir George Ritchie was a leading member of St Paul’s Church (Nethergate), and it is fitting that the memorial should be placed in the church to which he gave such long and loyal service.

The memorial takes an unusual form. The vestibule of the church is being panelled in beautifully carved oak with an appropriate inscription.

The church entrance will be greatly embellished when the scheme is complete. It puts the finishing touch to one of the most handsome buildings in the city.

The entire cost of the scheme will be born by Sir George’s eight sons.

Sir George Ritche took a prominent part in the civic affairs of Dundee. For a number of years he occupied the position of honorary treasurer of the city, and his occupancy of the post was marked by diligence and an earnest regard for the welfare of the city.

The memorial is expected to be completed by the beginning of next month. Meantime the congregation of St Paul’s is worshipping in Kidd’s Rooms.

Plot to Defraud Blind Father

The story of a remarkable plot by a young woman and a male accomplice to defraud the woman’s blind and deaf-mute father of money was told at Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday.

Accused was Catherine Hallyburton (18), 44, Kincardine Street, Dundee, who appeared in the dock wearing a navy blue coat and tennis shoes.

She pleaded guilty of having, while acting in concert with Arthur Wallace, lately of 9, Kingennie Terrace, Dundee, whose present address was unknown, pretended to James Hallyburton that Wallace was a solicitor by the name of McLean, and that if Hallyburton gave them various sums on loan he would be repaid with substantial interest when Wallace received payment of a large sum of money to which they pretended he was entitled. By this means Hallyburton was defrauded of sums amounting to £20.

Mr C.M. Thornton, solicitor, said it could only be described as a very unfortunate case in that this young girl was being prosecuted by her own father. Apparently the father was a particularly miserly person who had a considerable sum of money saved up. The girl knew that he had this money, and, as he kept her and the family short of money, that method was devised of getting some out of him. She now regretted the whole affair very much. She was only 18 years of age, and was to be married next month.

Mr C.G.M. Burrell, procurator fiscal depute, said that the accused’s father, who was blind and deaf-mute, was prevailed upon to advance sums of money varying from 4s to 10s practically every week for a period of 18 months. He did so in the expectation of receiving interest at a very high rate.

In response to a suggestion by Mr Burrell, Hon Sheriff Substitute C.H. Marshall put the accused on probation for 18 months.

Bertram Mills Circus and Menagerie

Entirely New Programme
The Sensational Koringa
Riverside Park
August 11 to 17.
Twice daily at
5.0 p.m. and 8.0 p.m.
Admission 1/3, 2/6, 3/9, 5/- and 7/6.
Reserved Seats (7/6, 5/-) may be booked.
Dundee 68597.
Menagerie open daily from 11 a.m.

Banana Cream

This is a favourite dish. Mrs E. Rennie, Arbroath, is the sender of the recipe.
Peel and mash 5 large bananas until smooth them beat in 5 teaspoonfuls of icing sugar till free from lumps. Now whip up a cup of cream until stiff and mix with the banana pulp. Dissolve a packet of orange jelly in ¾ pint boiling water and leave till cold. Stir in cream and pour into a wet mould, leave till set. Serve with whipped cream.