St Mary's Forebank Football Team

Came from Wellington Street went to St Mary's Forebank school with my two brothers Jimmy and John and my sister Anna, was there from 1945 to 1953. The Marist brothers playes a large part in my life. My very good friend John Markie and myself played for the school football taem, so did my two brothers, happy days.

Submitted by William Mooney

The Early 70s

During the early 70s, my friend David Stewart played in goal for Ayr United, before signing for Leeds United. He used to leave tickets for my late father and me for any games in and around this area.

On one such occasion, I remember going for a pint in a pub called the Forrester's Arms (a black and tan priced 1/11d). Can anyone tell me exactly where this pub was? Read more......

Submitted by Ollie

Stobswell and Links to the Late Jim Reid

The recent death of Dundee folk singer, Jim Reid, raised in the Stobswell area of the city, brought out a few references to his song " The Stobbie Parliament Picnic".

The Stobbie Parliament were the old men who sat on a long bench just above Ogilvie church in the early years of the 20th century. They sat and blethered and, as the name suggests, set the world to right. Read more......

Submitted by Willie Coupar

Slipping at Tannadice

I was at Tannadice park to see Dundee United play Celtic. It was raining that day. At the United end I slipped on a slippery part of the ground and I got helped up by two Celtic supporters.

Submitted by William Simpson

Magdalen Green

I was born and brought up in Bellefield Avenue and to me and my generation both here and on Magdalen Green this was to be our playground. Read more......

Submitted by Thomas Shepherd

Runaway Tram

Six trams went up in convoy to Den's Park with the football fans on board. Unloading and parking on Provost Road. Tram drivers got into the match for free and this day the driver of the last tram in the convoy, in a special hurry to get into the match, omitted to put on the tram brake. The tram, sitting on a brae, started to run down Provost Road. A policeman spotted the runaway tram and stopped all the traffic coming down Moncur Crescent, to let the tram run past, it came to a stop at Isla Street because of the gradient there. No one was hurt.

Submitted by James Valentine

Kicked Out of Tannadice

When my Dad was 9 he went to a football match with his friend and his friend's Dad at Tannadice. The match was between Dundee United and Rangers. At half time my Dad went to the toilet and when he came out lots of boys were climbing over the wall without paying and a policeman thought that my Dad was one of them and threw him out of the ground, he had to walk home by himself.

Submitted by India Malloch

An Ode To Eddie

The shed has lost a legend son,
Eddie you were our number one.
We stood together rain, hail or snow,
Urging the Arabs to have a go. Read more......

Submitted by George (The Woodside Arab) Mather

My Mother

My father died in 1959 and with him, my mother voted conservative and supported Dundee. She remarried, and with Jim she voted labour and supported Dundee United. Read more......

Submitted by Fay G. Keith
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