Youngster in Dundee

I came to Dundee from Glasgow when I was 10 years old and went to Victoria Road School. At that time I was living in Todburn Lane, then later on my parents moved to Broughty Ferry Road. Later on we moved to 15 Mid Kirk Style.

I went to the Cowgate School until I left at 14 years. My first job was a maid in a hotel in the Nethergate but I didn't like it and left to go to Keillers the sweet factory - that didn't last either. My best pal worked in Baxter's Mill and she got me a job there as a reeller and winder and I stayed there until I was 18 years old and got married and had seven sons in 22 years.

Then my husband died. I stayed a widow for 11 years then I met my second husband in the canteen of the CWS where we both worked. We got married on 2nd October 1976 and we've been together now for 27 years.

Submitted by Emily