Moncur Crescent

Visiting Dundee

In the early 50s my mother and grandmother converted 2 attic bedrooms in our house in Grangetown, Cardiff into b&b bedrooms. We used to take in BRS drivers and we had our regulars mostly from Scotland. Read more......

Submitted by Sandy

Runaway Tram

Six trams went up in convoy to Den's Park with the football fans on board. Unloading and parking on Provost Road. Tram drivers got into the match for free and this day the driver of the last tram in the convoy, in a special hurry to get into the match, omitted to put on the tram brake. The tram, sitting on a brae, started to run down Provost Road. A policeman spotted the runaway tram and stopped all the traffic coming down Moncur Crescent, to let the tram run past, it came to a stop at Isla Street because of the gradient there. No one was hurt.

Submitted by James Valentine
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