Scottish Cup - May 1994 (Dundee United v Rangers)

All Hail! The Black and Tangerine
Brilliant effort - triumphant team
Six times before 
Never hearing the winning roar
Believing seven is a positive number
They took the field and Rangers thunder
Maxwell - constantly under pressure
Confidently knowing goal-post measure
With hands firm, secure and true
Ne'er let one Rangers goals slip through
Half-time - still no score
Had Hampden fans hoped for more!
Daily didn't once relent
And with perseverance and intent
Hit the goal-post - not the net
(He was Rangers major threat)
But the ball came out on favourable bounce
Giving Brewster chance to pounce
Single goal - glorious gift
Fans felt a fantastic lift
Malpas honoured at presentation
Held high the Cup in jubilation
Golac and his determined team
Had realised another United dream
The Battle's O'er - bagpipes resound
As 'Terrors' return to their own home ground
To parading celebrations in Dundee
Welsh displaying the Trophy for all to see
With Dundee United F.C.'s name
Inscribed in recognition of a well-played game
Submitted by Anna MacDonald