Dundee United Football Club

Slipping at Tannadice

I was at Tannadice park to see Dundee United play Celtic. It was raining that day. At the United end I slipped on a slippery part of the ground and I got helped up by two Celtic supporters.

Submitted by William Simpson

United Wedding Day

The day we got married I told the wife we would go to Edinburgh for our honeymoon. Little did she know but United were playing Kilmarnock in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. It was a draw and we went back for the replay. She really enjoyed her first Dundee United game. And we are still together even though United lost the replay. Can't wait to get married again, ha ha!! Better luck next time.

Submitted by Stan McGregor

Kicked Out of Tannadice

When my Dad was 9 he went to a football match with his friend and his friend's Dad at Tannadice. The match was between Dundee United and Rangers. At half time my Dad went to the toilet and when he came out lots of boys were climbing over the wall without paying and a policeman thought that my Dad was one of them and threw him out of the ground, he had to walk home by himself.

Submitted by India Malloch

An Ode To Eddie

The shed has lost a legend son,
Eddie you were our number one.
We stood together rain, hail or snow,
Urging the Arabs to have a go. Read more......

Submitted by George (The Woodside Arab) Mather

My Mother

My father died in 1959 and with him, my mother voted conservative and supported Dundee. She remarried, and with Jim she voted labour and supported Dundee United. Read more......

Submitted by Fay G. Keith

Football Greats

I presented 'Player of the Month Trophy' in the dressing room at Tannadice from 1980-88 when Jim McLean and Walter Smith were in charge. I was introduced to Jock Stein in 1982 in the dressing room. I made great friends with Hamish, Paul, Maurice and Physco, these memories will be in my soul till I die. Thank you Dundee United.

Submitted by Cameron McBain
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