Bank Avenue and Charlotte Street

The name Bank Avenue keeps alive Baldovan, owned by Scrimegours Viscounts of Dudhope and Baldovan. About 1680 it passed to one of the Nairne's of Sanford (now St Fort), Fife. David Wedderburn of that ilk was proprietor in 1710 and the estate was then called The Bank.

It was acquired by Walker Tulledeph in 1740. He had two daughters on whom he conferred the two estates as tochers (a form of dowry). The eldest Charlotte married Sir John Ogilvie in 1754 and obtained The Bank, while Mary got Balgay. When she wedded Hon. Alexander Leslie, son of the 5th Earl of Leven it was proposed to call the Bank Tulledeph Hall, but ultimately its old name of Baldovan was used. Bank Avenue, therefore is a survival of the temporary name of the estate and Charlotte Street is in memory of Walter Tulledeph's daughter.

The estate of Logie also belonged to Walker Tulledeph, hence the name Tullideph Road.

Innes A. Duffus, Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee.


Submitted by Innes A. Duffus