Memories of Dundee Jute and Jam...

Memories of Dundee jute and jam
Lesser known the 'single deck tram'
From Barries clock top of the hill
Just up the road from Grimonds mill
It ran up hill, down hill for countless days
On the scary 'Hilltown' and 'Conshie' braes
Turned the corner at 'Smith and Horner'. 'Sallies Citadel'
we gather speed, "ding ding ding" drivers foot on the bell
The wheels sing out as we roll along
'Clack clack clack' over the points, nothing wrong
Clear the track, all is well, onward to the 'Barrack Park' under a clear blue sky
Patients beds on the balcony as we pass D.R.I
We near the town, speed goes down, 'G.P.O' and 'Howff' ahead
The "ding, ding, ding" is silent in case we wake the dead
Refrom Street next Union Street the 'Sandstone Caley Station'
Oh! look the 'Fifie's' coming in 'Craig Pier' our destination.

Submitted by George (McGonagall) Henderson