Information Technology

Pray conversation
May never be 'non-event'
As Information Technology
Floods with intent

Attempted business calls
(even with Smart Phones)
Can drive to sheer distraction
Lowering language tones

"We ARE very busy
Thank you for holding the line
Your call IS valuable to us"
(But it's wasting precious time)

"Press 1, 2 or 3 (instructs automation)
(in welcomed surprise)
"Or 4 - without hesitation
To connect with one who'll advise"

Information Technology
Also 'Heads' the dining-table
Diners intent on 'surfing-the-net'
Ready - willing - and able

Email and Twitter
Holds attention
With Facebook and Selfies
(I dare to mention)

Personal eye contact - short and sweet
Texting and Tweeting as they eat
In conversation kill
Revived with outbursts of "wicked" "cool" and "brill"

However, for thee and me
Information Technology is a necessity

Submitted by Anna MacDonald