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Local words and expressions
(Many relegated tae th' past)
Survive in conversation
It's to be prayed they're here tae last

Unintelligible - perhaps!
Tae th' young'r generation
Below - a chosen few
Listed with discretion

Jump aff the kribbie
Dance in a dub
Fa' doon a kundie
There's a rammie in th' pub

Tea at th' bunker
Watch oot- ye're slaiver'n
Doon on ye're hunkers
Cut th' comedy - ye're haiver'n

A shottie o' a book
Plooterin' squeezin' a persistent plook Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Information Technology

Pray conversation
May never be 'non-event'
As Information Technology
Floods with intent

Attempted business calls
(even with Smart Phones)
Can drive to sheer distraction
Lowering language tones

"We ARE very busy
Thank you for holding the line
Your call IS valuable to us"
(But it's wasting precious time)

"Press 1, 2 or 3 (instructs automation)
(in welcomed surprise)
"Or 4 - without hesitation
To connect with one who'll advise" Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

An Ode Tae Yon Haggis

An Ode Tae Yon Haggis
Fleein aboot it's heilan hame
yon haggis a sicht tae see
Fir ye see it cannae flee
As it swaggers through
Yon purple  heather
A hunter clad in boots and leather
Shoots yon beastie deid
Fir the next time
Ye see yon haggis
It'll be served upon
A silver platter
And grace will be said
We a helping o' neeps n' tatties
And a wee dram tae awash it doon.

Submitted by Edboybee


To the listener
The spoken word
Seldom remains unheard
Perhaps lingering on
Long after conversation's done

Leaving behind
In corners of the mind



Submitted by Anna MacDonald

With Circles in Mind

Round City circles (in roundabout way)
Travellers are travelling every day

Inner circles - outer circles
Serving old and young

'The Circle' falls fluently
From the tongue

May she remain
True to her own good name

Leaving little doubt
She knows with certainty

She's a Roundabout

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Let The Mystery Be

Kundie - peculiar to Dundee
Is descriptive
To you and me

Foreign to Fife - Forfar - Perth
Ask tourists the meaning
They'll give wide berth

Travelling abroad
Away from home
Kundie is in a league of its own

Let Kundie - a mystery be
In the colourful language
Of Dundee

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Down Memory Lane

These are my memories of Dundee. I have lived in Ireland for thirty years now, but go back home at least once a year.

Down Memory Lane

I’m taking a trip down Memory Lane,
Down through the years to my childhood again,
I’ll let you walk with me and maybe you’ll see,
Places and times, the things special to me. Read more......

Submitted by Susan Howard

The Citadel – West Marketgait

The Citadel – now razed to the ground
Leaves behind the silent sound
Of Salvation Army Silver Bands
Of tambourines in soldiers happy hands

Songs of praise of “Blood and Fire”
A motto truly to inspire

No last post or bugle sound
As her walls came tumbling to the ground

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Awakening of Spring

Spring awoke this morning
With snowdrops in her hand
And primroses of delicate colours
To decorate the land

Daffodil gold
Cherry blossom pink
Shades of winter
Vanished in a wink

Lush green leaves and grassland
Under a sky of youthful blue
Transformed the landscape
Into a stunning view

Submitted by Anna MacDonald
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