Twa Tram's

I read with interest the reminiscence made by Derek M with regard to the old Dundee tram which was transported to the City Road allotments and was used as a greenhouse. There was not one but two trams on this site, the other was transported by my Father. I was there to assist in them being slid down from Pentland Avenue using batons and rollers. Derek's Grandfather was also our neighbour living in Kincardine Street at that time, and those trams were a great success and provided an extension to the gardening skills as the allotments were the means of providing much need vegetables during the war.

Those trams plied their way on the Constitution Road route, their interior was well preserved with the mahogany and walnut panels still in place and sliding doors at their entrance.

When I attended Logie School it was always a race to see who reached Kincardine Street first, me or the tram.

One route was always memorable and that was the Lochee one as the conductor allowed you to switch over the seat backrests so as the passengers always faced to the front.

Many was the time we would place a halfpenny on the tram lines to see how far it could flatten much to the annoyance of the drivers.

Submitted by Stewart Cunningham