Culture Shock

We moved to Church Street and then in 1929 to Dens Road. Dens Road School was across the road and I started at the nursery class there when I was three and a half years old and then started at the 'big school' at four and a half. This is me in Miss Barrie's infant class in 1930. Dens Road was a great school and I was there from three and a half years old to nine years old.

We had playing fields at Graham Street near the Kingsway and it was a thrill to be marched there once a week for games on real grass. We did have impromptu football on the Gussie Park bare ground. They were building houses at Fleming Gardens and Fairbairn Street and this was our playground and the lime pits were a great attraction as a brick made a great splotch. We moved house to Lochee Road and I started at Mitchell Street School which was quite a culture shock.


Submitted by Burnett