Horse Meat

A butcher at the bottom of the Wellgate sold nothing but horse meat. In the pendy opposite, the blacksmith shod the town's cart horses. We nicked the horseshoe nails and nipped up round the back and crossed Charles Street. Running up narrow stairways, through dilapidated tenements we came out onto Victoria Road next to the fish shop selling whale meat. We dropped our horseshoe nails into the tram lines and waited until a tram came rattling down. Then we'd jump forward and pick out the hot nails. They were transformed into fiery little silver swords.

Sunday church going:- We boarded the tram sat doon on the lang seats at the back whar the conductor stands. Right awa' my wee brother starts gigglin' and pointin' across the aisle at the wee man opposite who has a black bowler, collar and tie and black suit on. "Shut Up" growls Dad at my wee brother wha's rollin fae side tae side, "look, his feet's no touching the flare", ho! ho! ho! My father gies my wee brother a clip roond the ear, "I telt you tae belt up" he says, but now my wee brother's howlin. I think it's funny and start tae laugh masel, so my father fetches me a back-hander as well which shuts me up. He drags us aff the tramcar and we walk the rest of the way tae church in disgrace.

Submitted by St. Reid