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Happy Days - Memories Will Last Forever

I was born in 1946 brought up in City Road (the roadie) as we called it. I went to Blackness Primary school the Logie Secondary, I was in the netball and swimming teams in both schools. I remember the old baths when there were 3 pools.

Childhood memory of my mum taking my brother and myself down the Old Overgate to the pea buster stall then over to Greenhill for our Saspirilla (Black Sass). Read more......

Submitted by Marilyn Devlin

Kick Start Questions About Beautiful Dundee and Delightful Broughty Ferry

My memories of staying in the beautiful city and delightful Broughty Ferry now need a kick start....
Stayed at Tayview Guest House, believed to be in St Vincent Street just around the corner from the welcoming Sliding Tackle pub (our adopted local).

Worked in Main Road adjacent to the Timex factory upgrading electricity cables and jointing, at the time of Tay Bridge construction. A gang of seven, we made several friends, among them a crowd who claimed to be known as the "Dundee Bums".
 Read more......

Submitted by Brian Rogers

Not a Care in the World Days

I was born in the front bedroom at 1, Craighill Place in 1946. My first school was the hutty at the bottom of Pitarlie Road, them went to the Rainbow, had great times playing and dancing in the backies where it was all tarmacked, somebody would put a record player on their window and we would jive away, even Mum's would join in, great days and not a care in the world.

Submitted by Jess Westie

A Quickstep Back

Wha remembers the Palais
The Locarno an’ the Chalet
Kidd’s Room an’ Gray’s Rooms
An’ pals th’gither at th’ looms
Plannin’ a nicht at the Empress
Tae dance wi’ lads in spivy dress
Or enjoy Hawhill’s Robbies
Or partner Hilltoun Proggies

There were dancers – romancers
And the inevitable bunch o’chancers
The quickstep and rhumba
Foxtrot – tango and samba
The energetic jump an’ jive
It was a great time tae be alive
Big band sound – crooner’s voice
Last waltz – ladies choice Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

The Monkey Parade

Frae Panmure Street tae Tally Street
On Sunday's efter tea
Teenagers walked backwards and forwards
Thro' the centre o' Dundee
On only ae side o' the street - in procession
Headin' for a musical 'session' Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Twist Marathon

I was in the twist marathon with hubby Jim McKenzie at the JM ballroom, he won world champ once. My sister Marilyn and our brother Ray all lived in the West Port, St David's Lane.

Submitted by Aileen Hughes McKenzie

The Swinging Sixties

I was born in Dundee in 1948, although we did move away for a number of years as my father was in the RAF. We came home in 1961 just in time for the swinging sixties when it was all happening. Saturday night was the Marryat night and it was fantastic. Then having a blether at the coffee stall before catching the last bus home and woe betide me if I wasn't home off that bus. Happy days!

Submitted by Pauline Brogan

School Days

I remember the Scene 1 disco, behind the boutique that was open during the day. I remember plunking off school to see the Hollies who opened it.

Submitted by Dottymay

Memories of living in Kirkton

I've lived in London 48 years but regulary visit home which I loved coming to Dundee until maybe 8 years ago. Too much social and drug and alcohol problems which seems to be spiraling out of control but nothing will take away my memories of living in Kirkton and two grand schools. SS Peter/Pauls an the Mikies the Earle Blue Stars great band in the Continental across the road the Commie club and the Empress Tues night brill , playing pinner at the paulies.

Submitted by Tam Welsh

Memories of Dundee

We lived in MacVicars Lane off the Perth Road for a while but in 1959 we moved to Millars Wynd. I went to the Demonstration School in Park Place and remember some classmates names like Kenny Campbell, Ronald Koppel, Alistair Soutar, Diane Buick, Cherry Leaper, Jaqueline McMaster and Stewart Patterson. Our headmaster was John Gunning and it truly was the best education a child could have. The teachers like Mr Watson, Mrs McFeet and Miss Gregg were simply the best. Read more......

Submitted by Rob Irving
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