Fond Memories

Many fond memories come back when I think being brought up in Fintry. I suppose I was lucky as I was born in our house in the late fifties, my mum would tell us of hardships she had trying to start a family in a single end in Little John Street, now gone. We spent most of our seven weekies picking berries, that was us saving up for a new school uniform .... which was only once per year, unless our shoes went done.! Our auntie had a single end in Foundry lane in town ... what a dump, but thinking back it was someones home .... maybe we were just posh living in Fintry ha! ha! I used to love going into town to visit my sister who had a single end in Lambs lane, it was a little attic place, but it had a lovely homely feeling .... the smell of the jute then, was great ... the Eagle jute mill amongst others were on the go. But great times with my pals in Fintry, crossing the Dighty burn on boulders, swinging on ropes hung from trees, adventures in the Den o Mains Castle. And corporation buses, with the platform on the back, if you went upstairs when the mills came out you couldn't see for fag smoke ..... Yes, happy days.

Submitted by Robbie