The Monkey Parade

Frae Panmure Street tae Tally Street
On Sunday's efter tea
Teenagers walked backwards and forwards
Thro' the centre o' Dundee
On only ae side o' the street - in procession
Headin' for a musical 'session'

Strollin' in line tae South Tay Street
Tae the Palais cafe
Whaur saft drink tables - on the ballroom flair
Meant - 'Nae dancin' here th' day!'
Nine-pence admission at the door
'Meet ye inside' the lads wid roar!!

Brilliant music cascaded
Frae Andy Lothian's Band
Crowds crammin' round the side o' the hall
(couple's haudin' hands)
Snaked circles roond the flair
Swayin' tae the rhythm - requestin' mair

'Hello Dolly' - 'In the Mood'
'Blue Skies' and 'Lady be Good'
'Little Brown Jug' thrilled tae bits
As did top twenty hits
Local talent invited tae sing
Made the rafters ring

When doors closed crowds moved outside
To parade through the centre again
As if on some mysterious tide
Till clocks chimed half-past ten

Dispersing them home each separate way
Dreaming of a perfect day

That was five decades - or so - ago
But the Monkey Parade still leaves a glow!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald