A Quickstep Back

Wha remembers the Palais
The Locarno an’ the Chalet
Kidd’s Room an’ Gray’s Rooms
An’ pals th’gither at th’ looms
Plannin’ a nicht at the Empress
Tae dance wi’ lads in spivy dress
Or enjoy Hawhill’s Robbies
Or partner Hilltoun Proggies

There were dancers – romancers
And the inevitable bunch o’chancers
The quickstep and rhumba
Foxtrot – tango and samba
The energetic jump an’ jive
It was a great time tae be alive
Big band sound – crooner’s voice
Last waltz – ladies choice

Lads lined-up ae side o’ the hall
Weighin’-up lassies on the opposite wall
Please may I have this dance
Often sparked a new romance
An’ if I’d only had my way
I’d hae danced a’ nicht
Till brak’ o’ day
May memory never lose
The will tae wear my dancin’ shoes

Submitted by Anna MacDonald