Visiting Dundee

In the early 50s my mother and grandmother converted 2 attic bedrooms in our house in Grangetown, Cardiff into b&b bedrooms. We used to take in BRS drivers and we had our regulars mostly from Scotland.

One year, I guess it was probably 1956 because Crewe Sation was awash with thousands of soldiers (Suez?), we travelled up to Scotland to visit relatives in Fife and we stayed a few days with one of the drivers and his family, in, I think, Moncur Crescent. I've 'walked' up and down the street in Google Streets but no familiar memories returned, neither do the name of the driver, but I remember there were 2 boys, round about my age then(10 - 11). I remember walking over to the Law Hill and rolling down it! I also remember going to the public baths in Dundee. It was the first time I had mince and tatties and the first time I'd heard rolls called baps and sherbet called cailey!

Submitted by Sandy