The Picture Queue

Standinn' in a lang queue
Tae see the double-bill
Ootside the Plaza
On the middle o' the Hull
Some frae Norrie's Pend
Ann Street - Coldside
Winchin' couples haudin' hands
Waitin' tae get inside

Buskers entertainin'
Dolled-up in weel-worn gear
Trumpet - sax an' banjo
(Tunes o' yesteryear)
Tap dancer (licht on his feet)
Wearin' claw-hammer jaiket
Each mester o' his profession
(Nane o' them glaikit)

Passin' roon' a beggin'-bag
Thankin' a' that gave
Copper tae the worthies
Afore they'd finally lave
When the ticket office opened
An' the queue moved on
Lavin' magic on the pavement
Lang efter they'd gone

Submitted by Anna MacDonald