78, Lochee Road

I lived above Andrew Woodcock in mentioned  78, Lochee Road. I live near Aberdeen now, but last time I drove down Lochee road, the old tenement had been demolished. Andrew's brother Stuart was my pal during that time and my brother Andrew B was Andrew W's pal. All the "noisy" families lived over one another.

The other close - No 76 was much more civilised, accommodating The minister of Morrison Congregational church - Mr McGauly, who in later life gave away some of his treasured possessions to this unruly bunch - including a tent, a sawfish saw and an ostrich egg, which were pretty exotic for us nyaffs!

There was a stable behind us which had a corrugated roof for the horses used by Ballingalls brewery. We would slide down the roof in our tackety boots, much to the chagrin of the grooms when the startled horse tramped on their feet and squashed them against the side of the stalls.

Submitted by Andrew WoodcockSubmitted by Gordon Ballantyne