Kick Start Questions About Beautiful Dundee and Delightful Broughty Ferry

My memories of staying in the beautiful city and delightful Broughty Ferry now need a kick start....
Stayed at Tayview Guest House, believed to be in St Vincent Street just around the corner from the welcoming Sliding Tackle pub (our adopted local).

Worked in Main Road adjacent to the Timex factory upgrading electricity cables and jointing, at the time of Tay Bridge construction. A gang of seven, we made several friends, among them a crowd who claimed to be known as the "Dundee Bums".

A couple of them introduced us to the canteen at The Timex factory. Were we being naughty using it as non employees?
Was the main local ballroom called the "Palais" or the "Locarno"? (
A further one possibly the "Chalet" along the esplanade?
I wonder if the guest house is still in business? Probably not I guess...

Keep racking my brains to remember the name of the hotel that had a superb band playing on a Sunday evening along from the City to Broughty Ferry Road. Felt sure they were destined for the big times.
Hungry Annie's rings a distant bell?

Submitted by Brian Rogers