Bygone News - 100 years ago and over

May 1903

Lonely Death of an Old Man in Lochee

Tally StreetYesterday afternoon D Johnston, labourer, about 60 years of age was found dead in his house in Albert Street, Lochee, under somewhat peculiar circumstances. Johnston lived in an attic by himself, and, it is understood, went to bed the previous night in his usual health. As he was always going about during the day time the neighbours missed him, and as no sound proceeded from the room he occupied then became alarmed and thought it advisable to inform the police of their fears. Read more......

April 1903

Off to the Arctic Seas

Dundee ViewDeparture of the Whaling Fleet:  Enthusiastic Scenes
The departure of the whaling fleet for the Arctic Sea on Thursday was as usual the occasion of exciting scenes at the harbour. Arising no doubt chiefly from the fact that three of the craft were leaving by one tide, the crowd that assembled to bid the crews farewell and god-speed was the largest that has gathered on such an occasion for many years, and the hardy voyagers got a send-off that could scarce have been surpassed in enthusiasm. Read more......

March 1903

The Starling, The Cat, and the Crowd

TownhouseConsiderable interest was created in Victoria Road, Dundee, the other evening by the sudden appearance of a starling in the window of a licensed grocer's shop. The bird had found its way into the premises by a back window, and with the object of escape flew to the front, and quickly caused some excitement by its fluttering among the bottles of liquor laid out in the window. Naturally it attracted the attention of passers-by, and a crowd of considerable dimensions soon assembled and watched developments. Read more......

February 1903

Punishment in Dundee Schools

Victoria RoadIn the course of some discussion at a meeting of Dundee Trades Council on Wednesday night bearing upon alleged harsh treatment of a child in one of the public schools of the city, a member stated that he knew of a case in which a child for some offences was made to stand five minutes with its hands up and its tongue out about two inches. Read more......

January 1903

A Warning to Mischievous Youths

Weigh HouseMr K, Mill Worker, Dallfield Walk, appeared before the Magistrate at Dundee on Wednesday on a charge of having thrown stones or other missiles while in Stannergate Road. Chief Constable Dewar said he had received numerous complaints from the Railway Companies of damage occasioned to trains while passing this district. Read more......