February 1903

Punishment in Dundee Schools

Victoria RoadIn the course of some discussion at a meeting of Dundee Trades Council on Wednesday night bearing upon alleged harsh treatment of a child in one of the public schools of the city, a member stated that he knew of a case in which a child for some offences was made to stand five minutes with its hands up and its tongue out about two inches.


A second representation of this enjoyable comedy was given by the Downfield Dramatic Association before a large audience. The piece went with the greatest smoothness, the different characters feeling quite at home in their roles after Wednesday's experience. It must be said that last week's appearance of the Association show a very marked advance on previous years.

The Berlitz School of Languages Ltd

65 Commercial Street, Dundee
All languages by Experienced Native Teachers
The Berlitz Method is a commonplace method.
No drudgery. Practical results. 4 gold medals. Trial lesson free.

Oatcake Baker (woman)

Wanted for a few hours daily; must have practical knowledge of oatcakes. Apply 989, Advertiser Office.

Nicoll & Smibert Ltd

Family bakers and confectioners
4 Nethergate
Hot and cold luncheons
Afternoon teas a speciality

Jam Stains

Jam stains are not easily removed "MK, Dundee" and it is very unfortunate that your pretty dress should have been spoiled so. You might try "Itsem", a new stain remover, which Messrs Davidson & Gray, Chemists, Nethergate, are selling. Apply it first to a piece of cloth which you have previously stained with jam, and if it is a success, then try it on your gown. If not, I should advise you to have it French cleaned, or else disguise the stain with a trimming of some sort.

Sad Story of the Drink Crave

Before Honorary Sheriff-Substitute Robert Smith in Dundee on Monday, Mr B, High Street, Lochee, pleaded guilty to a charge of cruelty to his children. The complaint set forth that from 13th September last until 30th January he failed to provide sufficient food and clothing for his five children, whose ages ranged from nine months to eleven years. Mr A Agnew, the Procurator-Fiscal, submitted the statement of Mrs B, which was to the effect that they had been married for a dozen years. Her husband, who could earn 36s a week, was much given to drink, and pawned his clothing to satisfy his craving for intoxication. She had only received £2 from him since 13th September, and during the last ten months he had worked eleven weeks. Accused pawned articles of furniture out of the house, and on 29th January he brought a broker to dispose of the household goods. Mrs B, however, had heard of his intentions, and she prevented him. She earned from 12s to 14s weekly, and off that she had to support accused, her family, pay rent, also 6s for the care of her younger children while she was at work. On numerous occasions she had had to pawn bedclothes and the children's wearing apparel in order to get money for food. Had it not been for the neighbours they would have starved. Mr Agnew was of the opinion that Boland required a sharp lesson. The Sheriff said it was shameful case, and passed sentence of one month in jail.

Safety of Cyclists

The practise of cyclists holding on to the electric cars is one to be condemned. I noticed a telegraph messenger the other day received a nasty spill as the result of a car coming to a sudden stop while he was in the rear. The youth was thrown with some force from the saddle, and narrowly escaped being run over by a passing cab.

Arthurstone Library

I see that the plans of the Arthurstone Library came before the Town Council for approval on Monday. The foundation stone of the building, it may be remembered, was laid by Mr Carnegie three or four months ago, and since then the site has been barricaded, to the great inconvenience of the residents. Is it not a new procedure to lay the foundation stone of a building before the plans are passed?

Concert - Total Abstainers'

Messrs Fraser, Duff, Hood, Randall, Gray;   Miss Duncan;  Miss Smart, mouth organ.
One Penny and Two Pence