January 1903

A Warning to Mischievous Youths

Weigh HouseMr K, Mill Worker, Dallfield Walk, appeared before the Magistrate at Dundee on Wednesday on a charge of having thrown stones or other missiles while in Stannergate Road. Chief Constable Dewar said he had received numerous complaints from the Railway Companies of damage occasioned to trains while passing this district. It was a practice fraught with danger, and, although nothing was alleged to have happened as the result of Mr K's conduct, he was brought before the Court as a warning to others. A penalty of 7s 6d of a fine, or three days' imprisonment, was imposed.

Dundee Youths Who Take The Shilling

Captain Abbot Anderson, the recruiting officer for Dundee and District, has just completed his statistics for 1902. During 1902 1454 recruits presented themselves, and of these, 923 were successful in being accepted. It may be mentioned, however, that the total included men who joined the new Royal Garrison regiment.

The recruits joined as follows:-

    * 455 to the army
    * 464 to the militia
    * 4 to the Imperial Yeomanry

The Black Watch "regulars" were strengthened by 88 men. Arbroath gave 5 recruits for the army and 4 for the militia, while one man for the army hailed from Kirriemuir. The remainder was raised in Dundee.

Orange Cutters Wanted

Apply Jas. Keillor & Son Ltd
9 Albert Square on Monday at 7 am

Baker (Non-Union)
Good table hand at biscuits
Large, small cakes and plate work
Apply Advertiser Office, Dundee

A Year's Crime in Dundee - A Serious Increase

During the currency of the year 1902 there has been a very serious increase in the number of cases that have come before the Police Court. Thus, in round figures, the total number for 1902 has been about 5500, or an increase of about 300 cases on the previous year.

A peculiarly aggravating feature of the returns is the fact that they are so largely augmented by the repeated appearances of habitual offenders. Thus it is felt that if some effectual means could be found of dealing with this class other than those at present employed the effect on the returns, and - what is more important - on the peace of the community, would at once be aggreably evident.

Another feature - unhappily not a new one - which the returns will show is the abnormally large proportion of cases due directly or indirectly to the drinking habits of the delinquents.

Neuralgia and Toothache

Even when caused by decaying teeth the pain of toothache is reduced to a fraction of its intensity by temperate eating and pure food. Twenty-four hours fasting, hot water drinking, long brisk walks, deep breathing, head and sitz baths (hot) at bedtime will cure most cases of neuralgia and toothache.

Pawnbrokers Do Not Take Cats

About 8 o'clock on Monday evening, when Detective Peter Fraser and Alexander Croll were in South Union Street they observed a Persian cat concealed beneath the coat of Henry Ferrie, vanman, Logie Street. Their suspicions being aroused, they asked him where he got it, and his explanation was that he had had it for two years, but the officers identified "pussy" as belonging to a licensed grocer in Nethergate, and investigations proved that their suspicions were well founded. Ferrie was under the influence of drink at the time, and at the Police Court on Tuesday admitted the theft. Bailie Robertson thought it was a foolish act. No pawnbroker would have taken a cat from him.

The sentence was 20s of a fine, or 14 days imprisonment.

The Grievances of Young Ploughmen

Sir - would you kindly allow me to say a word through your paper about grievances we young ploughmen have? There is not so many young men kept in farmhouses as used to be, but the few that are kept are shamefully used. We have to go to an outhouse to sleep where the fireplace is boarded up, so you can have an idea what it is in the winter times. No wonder rheumatics are so rife. If we sit at the kitchen fire on a wet night we are jostled about by the daughters, who thus tell us in dumb language to clear out of there. In some places they put the men up on the joists above the horses to sleep. I often wonder what the Sanitary Inspector is looking at when he comes around. The farmers profess not to understand why so many men flock to the town even although it is not uncommon for men to run away from their places and leave their hard-earned money in the farmer's hands.

I am & c., Yokel

Kinnaird Hall, Dundee

The family entertainment of Great Britain
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Enormous success of W. Hamilton's Latest Excursions
Grand variety programme
Hector and Lauraine, Leo Tell and five other star turns
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High-Class Cooking Demonstration

Hot puddings and savouries
28 Ward Road on Tuesday 2.30 pm
Admission 9d