Moving away from Dundee

Tattie Picking

It was only when I was in my mid 30's that I realised that when I was attending St. John's in High Street, Dundee in the late fifties and I did the figures. I was in E4 and 32nd in the class and was made up when I went to 31st only because someone left. Read more......

Submitted by Jim Brave

Dundee Memories

I was born in the D.R.I. in 1955 and lived in Lawrence Street. Went to Mitchell Street School from 1961 - 1967 and Logie from 1967 to 1970. I then moved to London in 1972 and am still there, but I have some great memories of growing up in Dundee.

Submitted by Dougie McGurk

Dryburgh Days

Born in the DRI in 1964 and living in a flat in the newly developed Dryburgh Gardens where I spent a great childhood, playing in the lifts and needing a stick to reach the fourth floor where I lived. Getting chased from the adults as we walked along walls and played football on top of the garages (what were we thinking). Read more......

Submitted by Billy (Wullie) Young

Found Memories from Down Under

I was born in Maryfield Hospital in 1952 and stayed in Mid Craigie until I was 3 before moving to Douglas in 1955. I went to Balerno Primary School, then the Stobie. Read more......

Submitted by Bert Hunt

Old Dundee Haunts

My husband, Luke and I knew someone called Ian Robertson in fact my husband was best man at his wedding. Luke also worked at Bonar Long and Smedleys and Kelly's all of which are now closed then we moved to Canada. We have seen many changes in Dundee when we visited some good and some not so good. I worked for British Rail back then and remember the west and east stations also no longer there. Luke went to St Patrick's and Lawside and I went to Glebelands and Morgan. We lived in Robertson Street and most of which was gone the last time we were home but it was good to see some of our old haunts were still there. Read more......

Submitted by Alice and Luke Gardiner
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