Tattie Picking

It was only when I was in my mid 30's that I realised that when I was attending St. John's in High Street, Dundee in the late fifties and I did the figures. I was in E4 and 32nd in the class and was made up when I went to 31st only because someone left.

I also remember when we were able to go to tattie picking and we all did the signing in at 7.30 am at school and got paid 15 bob but what we did was that we went around the back of the school and jumped on the privates lorries and got a massive 30 bob a day and all the chestnuts and a sack of spuds and a broken back. Then there were the berries, I loved it. Left Dundee and joined the army and loved every minute. Done a lot in life but looking back - loved it, would I do it again - no way (or may be).

Submitted by Jim Brave