Found Memories from Down Under

I was born in Maryfield Hospital in 1952 and stayed in Mid Craigie until I was 3 before moving to Douglas in 1955. I went to Balerno Primary School, then the Stobie.

I moved to Australia in 1970 but still have fond memories of my time in Dundee.

Playing fitba in the backies, kick the can, hide and seek, really foe etc in the street. Fishing for minnows or tadpoles at the swannie ponds.

Was in an accordion band and we used to play at Baxter Park during the summer holidays (when we were not picking berries).

I went to the Hub when I was about 14-15, was pretty good at table tennis there. Also made a fibreglass canoe at Linlathen School across the road.

Good memories.


Submitted by Bert Hunt