Dryburgh Days

Born in the DRI in 1964 and living in a flat in the newly developed Dryburgh Gardens where I spent a great childhood, playing in the lifts and needing a stick to reach the fourth floor where I lived. Getting chased from the adults as we walked along walls and played football on top of the garages (what were we thinking).

As soon as the sun shone slightly we all got changed into our swimming trunks and either fought each other with old washing liquid bottles or else the dad's would spray us with hoses they used for cleaning the cars. Playing 'miley' was a favourite pastime. When my dad left and went to England when I was young it was really good to have a close community to help out which I appreciated.

Growing up I went to Dryburgh Primary and then via Logie for two years as this was the Harris Annexe where I still have mixed memories from my schooling. My first job was a paper boy for Kosto's in the Lochee High Street where we used to nearly break our backs trying to lift the Sunday paper bags, a week's work for the grand wage of £2.50, I went from there to almost next door where I worked as a shelf filler and behind the counters in Willie Low's.

I started going to the pubs in the Blackness area when I was 16, I remember drinking heavy while I still had grass on my jumper from playing football and playing dominoes with the old men which looking back is quite funny. I left Dundee when I was 16, a time of great unemployment with few qualifications and joined the army to my mum's horror. After 24 years service now settled in Shropshire.

I have really fond memories of Dundee especially going out in my younger days and trying to get girlfriends, the Barracuda was a favourite place where we ignored the girls to 20 minutes before the end, shame on us, but it worked quite well. I also miss the bridies and eating scotch pies at the football matches where the fat would drip down and cool on our chins. I am very lucky to have lived in a tough but kind place.

All the best to Dundee and all Dundonians.


Submitted by Billy (Wullie) Young