Hints And Tips

Housewives Voice 1960

When making tomato sandwiches for carrying, slip a piece of greaseproof paper under the sliced tomato and also a piece on top. Sandwich will be as fresh as when it was made. Miss W. Martin, Fife.

Bright Tips 1960

Easy Cleaned Pot

To make the scrambled egg pan easier to clean, grease it beforehand with a margarine paper. After use, fill it with cold water to which has been added a dessertspoonful of salt and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before cleaning. Mrs M.B., Dundee. Read more......

Bright Tips 1985

Unpleasant Smell

To prevent an unpleasant smell while cooking cauliflower, cover with slices of bread. The bread can then be given to the birds when cold. Mrs I McIntosh, Ellon. Read more......

A Thrifty Housewife - 1908

Hints and tips

A Thrifty Housewife - 1908 If the fine striped linen covering of your old mattress, "thrift" is rather worn I am afraid it would be bad policy to attempt to utilise it for pillow and bolster slips as the feathers would be constantly finding their way out. Read more......

Bright Tips 1986

Hanger for Belts

If you have no drawer space for your belts, screw a line of hooks on to a wooden coat hanger and hang belt buckles over them. You then have a see-at-a-glance selection to hang in your wardrobe. Miss Cooper, Rutherglen. Read more......

Bright Tips 1961

Beads are the Answer

When knitting with two wools, slip a fairly large bead over each end before commencing to knit and you will find the strands do not become tangled. Miss Milne, Fraserburgh Read more......

It's Spring Cleaning Time

It's Spring Cleaning Time

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Mildew Stains

Mildew can be removed from materials by laying on a paste made of soft soap and powdered chalk. Leave the article in the sun to dry if possible. Read more......

Bright Tips 1985

Frost Free - On a frosty night, polystyrene trays from apple boxes are handy to put behind plant pots on a windowsill. They keep the plants from getting frosted and nobody sees them behind the curtains. Mrs G.Grant.

Top Ten Barbecue Tips

  • To avoid food sticking to the grill, rub a little fat or oil on the bars before cooking.
  • To avoid fat dripping on to the charcoal and causing the fire to flare, cut off excess fat from steaks and use low fat sausages and burgers.
  • When cooking kebabs, thread cubes of meat loosely on skewer for well done results, or push closer together for under-done kebabs.
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For Breakfast

This is a treat and very nice without eggs. Mrs McCabe, Lanark.

When frying bacon for breakfast fry one side, then turn and put thin sliced of cheese on top. By the time the other side of the bacon is cooked the cheese has melted. Read more......